1. sketch911

    WTT Flowmaster Outlaw Mufflers FOR TRADE! 11-14 GT 5.0

    Hey guys I have a set of flow master outlaw mufflers. They have been on my car for maybe 1000 miles. Basically brand new. Need something a little quieter with my O/R x pipe. Let me know what kind you guys have! Looking to do a straight up trade. Text 914-469-1954
  2. ShowVert91

    1991 LX 5.0 Vert

    Super clean 114,xxx miles on body 373 Gears B303 Cam BBK Cold Air Intake 70mm BBK Throttle Body 75mm MAF Tuned for 93 octane MSD Billet Distributor Autometer Ultra Lite II Water Temp Autometer 5" Ultra Lite II Tach with shift light Autometer Pro Comp 0-100psi Fuel pressure gauge...
  3. W

    1984 Mustang 20th Anniversary GT Convertible

    As the Ford Mustang turns 50, treat yourself to a 20th anniversary edition of the Mustang convertible at a rock bottom price. This blue with black top pony is in great shape for a 30-year-old car. Well-cared-for, garaged, and maintained very carefully. This is a family car and was never raced...
  4. 8

    F/S 302 Short block, Long block, and Aod Trans...

    Hello, Here are some parts up or sale that I no longer need. 86' 5.0 H.0 Short Block - $175 - Mileage Unknown 89' 5.0 H.O Lx Long Block - $225 - 90k SOLD 89' 5.0 H.O Lx Aod Trans w/Torque Converter - $260 - 90k SOLD. All Stock. Located in Suffolk County Many fuel injected parts and...
  5. F

    F/S 1991 5.0L Notchback 5 speed

    As Ive been contemplating doing this for the past month or so... Its come to the day where the ad for my mustang is going up. Here it is. I have a beautiful (not to brag) 1991 Notchback. Car is an original 5.0, not a 4cyl conversion. The motor is a crate 302 from ford (stock forged internals)...
  6. H

    F/S 1976 Cobra II - $1500

    Up for sale I have a '76 mustang cobra project car. I bought it about two years ago with the intention to turn it into a drag car, but I really don't have time to work on it and I can't afford it taking up my garage anymore. It's a 4 speed manual, fastback, with a 5.0 L V8. The first thing I did...
  7. 8

    New Member From Rotterdam/Schenectady Area

    Hello Everyone! My names Iain and im 17 years old. I love American muscle cars. I drive a 1989 Mustang FoxBody and i take pride in it. I would love to meet up with local mustang owners and hang out. Haven't done anything major to my mustang yet but im planning on it. I have BBK Cold Air Intake...
  8. millersmach

    F/S 1989 lx coupe (white) 3800 obo

    1989 lx coupe (white) 2900 have my 89 coupe up for sale it is pretty stock for the most part just recently freshened up. the car has 5 lug conversion with 94-95 gt wheels with almost brand new goodyear tires has subframe connectors welded in. 3.73 gear. the interior is stock .has...
  9. N

    New Member

    Hey all! I just stumbled upon this forum while looking for a good mustang mechanic in NY area. I have an '88 Mustang GT which I have been slowly restoring over the past three years for my brother who passed away from cancer in 2007. I look forward to chatting up with people on here and...
  10. sketch911

    F/S 1989 NOTCH 99% stock UNMOLESTED!

    I am selling my 1989 Mustang Lx NotchBack. THIS IS AN ORIGINAL 5.0 CAR (no 4cyl swap) This car has 164k miles. Motor runs flawlessly, starts right up and growls Automatic transmission and 98% STOCK UNMOLESTED! :rock: Only changes on car are BBK intake and FlowMaster mufflers and a new set...
  11. F

    WTB 85-93 LX Hatch!!

    Looking for an LX HATCH with reasonable miles.Must Be STICK!!! More stock is better! anything in the 7k and under price range is doable!! thanks, shane.
  12. slappay

    WTB WTB: 85-93 5.0 5spd that needs work

    i got around $1500 to play with and i want a project for the spring lx, gt, hatch, or notch i don't care pm me with whatever you got or email me at fordtrucks120@aol.com
  13. jkstang78

    F/S 2011 5.0 Mustang motor

    Hi I am putting up for sale My 2011 5.0 L mustang motor. I bought this from a Ford dealer. It's a long Block and Has Never been ran. So it has Zero Miles on it. I was going to put this motor into a Notchback or a 96-98 COBRA. But I have Decide to sell it instead. Looking for $5000 Located L.I...
  14. P

    Wanted: 87-93 gt ny, pa, oh, sc, nc,

    looking for a 87-93 gt what do u guys got?.. lookin to spend around 6k wanna buy asap cash in hand idc where your located i will come pick it up. thanks
  15. E

    WANTED: Foxbody 5.0

    Hey all, I'm new here and looking for a foxbody. - Convertible preferred, would take a notch/hatch though. - 5spd only, don't offer me an auto, I'm not interested. - Doesn't need to be perfect cosmetically, but not looking for anything beat up. Newer paint is a plus. - NO PROJECTS! A few...
  16. 1

    1989 mustang

    1989 Convertible mustang
  17. 88foxbody

    crane cam f/s

    i have a crane cam for an 82 & up 302 H.O, the guy i bought my fox off of threw it in with the car but i never used it because it was too big for my car. it has a 670 lift and a 3900-7700 rpm range, have the box for it and the spec sheet. best offer takes it
  18. MineralGray02K

    1989 Mustang Notchback *Supercharged*

    Supercharged Notchback in Watertown, NY Buy it now: $5,000
  19. 8

    wtb a 5.0

    i blew mine up i need it for my 1989 lincoln mark 7 lsc.i need a 5.0 h.o. for it preferably a motor with everything from lower manifold to oil pan
  20. KazenNYC

    85 GT Convertible

    130 k miles auto B & M shifter New water pump needs to be installed needs drivers door installed original is rusted on the bottom. I have a new door with guts and window already in it. I also have ablack carpet that can be a part of the deal. runs well needs a rear brake line 1500...