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lets not forget you are talking about a racist, bigot, cheat, lier, corrupt and incompetent person with NO honesty, dignity, integrity, or empathy. GAS is probably the 99th thing that you as an (?) American should be thinking about. Please don't put yourself in the same category as the Proud Boys (actually they are PB, poor bastards).
NY Mustang poll got it right in 2016 for Trump ! If you want gas for our Mustangs- Vote for TRUMP
Hey everybody. Well with this covid 19 business going on it decimated the car show circuit this year. Well time to do a little upgrade work to my car. Added gt rotors to my v6 stang up front. Now the beast really stops great.... Also adding tw o gauge pods in center ac ducts. One is a clock because you can hardly see the one in the radio and the other one is a volt meter. I have have been having a problem with my ch
Kudos to the site administrator, I had been unable to access the site since early 2018 after an update. I decided to try again and was pleasantly surprised with the ease in which I was able to access as well as the new layout. Looks great! I wondered whether the NYM was having a tent at Carlisle in August. If so, I'll see you there.