1. millersmach

    F/S 1989 lx coupe (white) 3800 obo

    1989 lx coupe (white) 2900 have my 89 coupe up for sale it is pretty stock for the most part just recently freshened up. the car has 5 lug conversion with 94-95 gt wheels with almost brand new goodyear tires has subframe connectors welded in. 3.73 gear. the interior is stock .has...
  2. B

    F/S 1998 Mustang GT

    V8 Automatic Transmission, 77,200 Miles, Cloth Interior, Dual Flow Master Exhaust, Kenwood Speaker System, CD Player. $6000 Neg. Selden, NY
  3. N

    New Member

    Hey all! I just stumbled upon this forum while looking for a good mustang mechanic in NY area. I have an '88 Mustang GT which I have been slowly restoring over the past three years for my brother who passed away from cancer in 2007. I look forward to chatting up with people on here and...

    New member + Pics

    Hey everyone. My name is Moe. I drive a 2012 grabber blue GT. Want to say hi to everyone and I'm pretty excited to be on a NY based forum. This is definitely one of the largest forums I've been on and I look forward to being part of the community here. Here a few pics of my ride. I'll update my...
  5. F

    WTB 85-93 LX Hatch!!

    Looking for an LX HATCH with reasonable miles.Must Be STICK!!! More stock is better! anything in the 7k and under price range is doable!! thanks, shane.
  6. RedFox89

    F/S 1987 Cobra Clone (Fresh Rebuild)

    1987 Cobra Clone (Fresh Rebuild) $2800 OR TRADE I have my 1987 Mustang Cobra Clone Freshly rebuilt 302 (306 ci) 1,400 miles on the motor only drove it to NY from Florida I have receipts from the rebuild if needed. It has Mild Cam, Full Flowmaster H Pipe Exaust with Headers, Full Springs...
  7. 97chargedcobra

    F/S Injectors and mass air

    Hey I have flowmatched 42lb flowmatched Injectors and 90 mm mass air for sale best offer.Also I have some 2.5 lowering springs
  8. MineralGray02K

    Hagerty Insurance has joined NYM!

    I'm pleased to announce that Hagerty Insurance has become a supporting vendor of New York Mustangs. The timing is perfect, the season is about to start and a lot of us (including myself) are ready to get the Mustang back on the road. Well look no further, Hagerty Insurance delivers top quality...
  9. 95_Stang_Jr

    new to the site from utica

    just figured i would get rid of that message on the top of my screen telling me to do this lol. Anyway I have a 1995 and 2007 mustang. You can check out my pics if you want one is blue the other black. I have always loved mustangs and have been fortunate enough to be able to find these two...
  10. M

    Mustang Performance Chips: What are the Advantages and Setbacks?

    If you’re the owner of a Ford Mustang, regardless of whether it’s a convertible or a hardtop vehicle, you drive a sports car that’s measurably faster and more powerful than a typical passenger vehicle. Still, a Mustang is practically an entry level sports car, which means that although it might...
  11. B

    2012 Boss 302 for Sale - $47,990

    Hi Folks! My name is Howard and I just wanted to let everyone know who may be interested in a decent price on 2012 BOSS 302 in Racing Red that I have one available now. MSRP is $42,990 and I have it ready to go with only 17.4 miles on it for $47,990. I've seen much worst selling prices (like...
  12. MineralGray02K

    2006 Mustang Shelby GT-H

    Ford : Mustang - eBay (item 260763896599 end time Apr-11-11 14:42:21 PDT)
  13. N

    4 NEW never used tires on stock 65+ mustang 14" wheels

    4 Brand new Primewell PS850 215/70 14 tires from Firestone. Normally $78.99 each. Bought 4 new tires for rims that dont fit my car!! Must sell!! They were mounted on rims but never went on the car so they were not driven on. You can look at the invoice from Firestone too. The rims are Ford...
  14. MineralGray02K

    Ford Mustang Boss 302S Testing

    Ford Mustang Boss 302S Testing - Car Videos on StreetFire (sorry if it's a re-post)
  15. P

    Wanted: 87-93 gt ny, pa, oh, sc, nc,

    looking for a 87-93 gt what do u guys got?.. lookin to spend around 6k wanna buy asap cash in hand idc where your located i will come pick it up. thanks
  16. MineralGray02K

    2011 Mustang Saleen 5.0

    Ford : Mustang - eBay (item 160534426412 end time Jan-28-11 14:13:21 PST)
  17. MineralGray02K

    2007 Ford Mustang SHELBY GT

    US $17,000.00
  18. MineralGray02K

    2005 Ford Mustang SALEEN SC281

    US $27,000.00
  19. MineralGray02K

    1969 Shelby GT350

    US $50,100.00 Located in Pleasantville, NY