1. ststang

    B&D Exhaust Inquiry

    Have any of you used B&D Exhaust in Binghamton? I am looking at them to install a custom exhaust for my Ecoboost Mustang. So, far, they seem like great people to work with. Thank you.
  2. A

    Borla touring for 2011-14 V6 Mustang

    SOLD! Thanks for the interest here but a local buyer snapped this up instantly... Borla Touring Axle-back exhaust for 2011-2014 Mustang 3.7 V6. Great sound, stainless steel construction, polished 4 ½ inch slant tips look awesome! Specifically designed to be a direct bolt on upgrade reusing...
  3. P

    05-09 Shelby Exhaust

    All came off of a rare 2008 Shelby GT-C/SC (1 of 6). Exhaust was removed from the car after only 500 miles!! Fits 05-09 Mustang with 4.6. Factory Exhaust Manifold Shelby X-Pipe with cats Shelby Mufflers Asking $400 Located on Long Island
  4. Chief Gilly

    WTB OEM tailpipes for '00-'04 GT

    Looking to buy, trade or take from your garbage the stock tailpipes from '99-'04 GT. I have several parts to trade if your looking for something. I need from the muffler connection back to the tips, preferably uncut. Thanks
  5. B

    Borla exhaust

    ok people im stuck on the whole what exhaust to get as im sure alot of u have been b4. im thinkig about getting the borla atak but the borla s type sounds nice also. i currently drive a 2007 gt .. what is your suggestion and why? i recently went to american muscle and the atak was $500+ from the...
  6. S

    new headers question

    I just put new shorty headers on my 07 GT...now when I accelerate there is a ticking noise in my exhaust...is this definately an exhaust leak? could it be something else? what is the next step in fixin this crap?