1. 8

    WTB 302 motor 85-93

    Looking for 302 to replace my blown 289. I am going to use my current intake and carb. Looking for 1985 or later.
  2. M

    1991 GT Conv ALL STOCK what should upgrade?

    Hi, got a 1991 all stock conv GT and trying to keep it factory as much as possible but was wondering what would be simple upgrades to get a bit more HP or upgrade any things that would benefit the engine in 2011 technology that in 1991 wasn't that great. Oh, an by the way its a 5 speed as well...
  3. F

    9 JE Pistons Big Block Inverted Dome Top Pistons $400

    I got nine for sale. JE Pistons 257947 - JE Pistons Big Block Inverted Dome Top Pistons I have 9 (NINE) of these exact pistons for sale. Throw me your offers *EDIT* Who ever could offer more then $200 first gets them. *EDIT That's a 500 dollar savings. I just want to get rid of stuff in my...
  4. sketch911

    2006 mustang stops pulling at 4000 rpms. please help!

    i have 2006 gt with a steeda cai, sct tuner, and aftermarket exhaust. a few days ago i went to floor it and the car stopped pulling at about 3800-4000 rpms. it happens on and off but lately its been happening more often. the car sounds like when it hits 4000 it seems like its kind of in neutral...
  5. sketch911

    Any 2005+ gt mustang parts!!!

    looking for any spare parts for my 2006 GT. engine, suspension, interior, or exterior. anything that you have , please message me!!!