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    2011 Ford Workshop Manuals

    Great Link!! Thanks. :awesomework:
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    I like your picture.

    I like your picture.
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    IMG 0629

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    IMG 0630

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    IMG 0632

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    New to NYM!

    Thanks for the warm welcome.....i could not post pictures yesterday from my ipod. Posting some pictures of my stang! Timspony - yes! We did meet back in september.
  8. Roush


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    New to NYM!

    Hello All! I rode with some of you guys back in sept '11 (exit 9 on northway) right after I bought my 2011 GT and have been delinquent in signing up at this forum. Today, I finally signed up. Looking forward to many more cruises in 2012. -Jag Equipment: 2011 GT stock with 3.73's, black with kona...