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  1. irishpwr46

    F/S 2008 Mustang GT for sale

    2008 Mustang GT 5sp $22,000 36k miles on body 21k miles on engine replaced by ford for oiling issue Paxton supercharged and intercooled 18% overdrive pulley Custom tuned to 480+ HP by lito American Racing headers long tubes Roush extreme over axle pipes Ford racing stingers axle backs...
  2. irishpwr46

    8.8 rear

    you really dont need it unless youre putting down enough power to break what you have
  3. irishpwr46

    Slide/coaster, Austria

    they used to have one of those at zoom flume in the catskills
  4. irishpwr46

    pioneer radio

    any idea of model #? i need a radio for my truck
  5. irishpwr46

    blower or stroker that is the question

    forget the stroker. the only reason to go with a stroker motor is to replace a broken motor. especially since the car is already built for boost. i would also go with a turbo.
  6. irishpwr46

    F/S Professionally Made Weld- in Roll Bar

    what years was it built to fit?
  7. irishpwr46

    130 MPH Cobra Roadster Crash

    Video from the dash of a Cobra when something goes really wrong Cobra Crash at 130mph
  8. irishpwr46


    you name the price, ill name the track
  9. irishpwr46

    makin bacon

    makin bacon
  10. irishpwr46

    how NOT to tow a car

    thats right down the block from my house. thats how they tow you if you park illegaly with the steering wheel turned.
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    what can you do with that?
  12. irishpwr46

    Roush Spoiler 05-09 carbon fiber

    let me know
  13. irishpwr46

    Roush Spoiler 05-09 carbon fiber

    can you post pics?
  14. irishpwr46


    holy shyt, your back
  15. irishpwr46

    where can i get my camber adjusted

    will be installing my MM caster camber plates and was wondering if anyone knows a shop local to the 5 boros/ long island where i can get my camber set. im looking for a place that has experience with cars that are meant to handle and not just save the tires.
  16. irishpwr46

    For sale is my untouched 2003 Mustang Cobra

    yeah, with only 4k to pay off
  17. irishpwr46

    supercar drag race

    they should have thrown a cobra jet in there and seen what happened. though they said they were "drivers cars". translation, not one of them belongs on a drag strip lol
  18. irishpwr46

    The WTF thread

    this makes me cry laughing for some reason