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    05 turbo Saleen Clone for sale, low miles 22,000 OBO

    Hello, I am selling my car, 05 GT 26,500 miles. Check out my profile for all the info. Car is pushing 500 hp at the rear wheels, dyno tuned through mustang magic. 6k miles since turbo installed. Runs great no issues, needs nothing except a new owner. Have to sell the toys :( , serious...


    Hey everyone, I am pleased to say the car is done, finally!! Mustang Magic did a fantastic job on Saturday, I could not ask for anything more. I would like to thank all the guys at the shop, everyone there made us feel right at home on Saturday. A special thanks to Joe and Tuner Joe for all the...

    05-09 GT Magnaflow x-pipe **NEW**

    Hey everyone, I have a brand new, never been used in the box magnaflow x-pipe with clamps. I am putting a turbo on my car and I didn't realize the kit gives you a y-pipe so I have no need for the x-pipe. My blunder your gain. 200.00 takes it. PM me-rob

    Anyone using the GM 3 bar MAP Sensor to monitor boost

    Ok, so let me apologize for being the club P.I.T.A. in advance :D. I am installing a turbo kit soon. I just purchased the SCT Extreme tuner which has 2 analog inputs for additional sensors. I spoke with SCT and they sent me the wiring schematics on using firewire to connect to a MAP sensor to...

    Anyone know what this is????

    Anyone know what that black coupling is that is on the intake tube with the wires coming out of it? Can't figure it out and the guy didn't send me that piece, however he did send me the hacked up intake tube.(see my profile pics)

    Turbo Diesel Mustang???

    Hey everyone came across this article, possibility of a turbo diesel mustang being produced in europe.

    gauges for turbo install-recomendations?

    Alright everyone, I bucked up and bought a turbonetics system for my 05 V8. I bought the kit used, needless to say had to order some replacement pipes for the kit because the kid who had it before me cut 3 of them for what reason I have no f-ing idea. Maybe he was taking a welding class or...

    2010 bad ass mustang

    Hey guys stumbled across this ride, its actually for sale. I am not a big fan of the new body style but I like this car, figured I would share the link -Rob

    07/11/09 HVMA Car show Pics, CK IT OUT

    Hey everyone, here is the link to some pics I took at the show sat. Enjoy! :rock:

    Greene county cruisers car show

    1st Annual car show!! July 26th, Athens Fire House on 3rd st 10 am -12 noon check in 3pm trophies to be awarded Top 25, best of show & game awards 50/50 raffle 10.00 entry fee email guys/gals, if anyone wants to attend let me know, I...

    This Saturday Cruise Nite NEED MUSTANGS!!!

    June 20th 6:30 PM at Angelo Canna Town Park, T-Shirt Giveaway. Gays/Gals from what I hear there are hardly any newer mustangs that show up. I am attending so let me know if you want to meet up and roll in together.

    Kinda a new...

    Hey everyone! I joined a few months back but never posted on here to introduce myself. I am from Greene County and will be attending the July 11th show and the 18th cruise. Hope to learn from some of you senior guys, see you soon! If your interested there is more pics of the car on my profile. - Rob

    Coilover Suspension suggestions????

    Hey everyone, In my quest of modifying my mustang, I have arrived at the suspension stage. I am considering the following: Tein SS, Eibach, Progress, NEX, all coilover setups. I am looking for a system that will provide more drop than just a set of after market springs and also have adjustable...