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  1. Mustang Willis

    WTB 17” OEM 99-04 rims with tires

    Looking for some 17” OEM rims from a 1999-2004 mustang. Must have tires with decent tread. Located in the Glens Falls area, can pick up if not too far. Must be factory, no aftermarket please.
  2. Mustang Willis

    WTB 68-70 Fastback Mustang project

    Interested in buying a project fastback. Preferably running and driving or needing little work mechanically. Thanks in advance.
  3. Mustang Willis

    WTB 99-04 Black hood w/ scoop

    Just throwing it out there to see if anyone has one laying around! I'll pickup anywhere from LG to Saratoga. Let me know whatcha got!
  4. Mustang Willis

    WTB WTB Stock 03/04 Headlights

    If you have stock headlights for a decent price pm me please! Would prefer from a 03/04 Mustang:awesomework:
  5. Mustang Willis

    Mach 1 decklid panel

    Did Ford make any Mach 1s that came with the honeycomb decklid panel as a stock option? I recent purchased a decklid panel that has a serial number and has a Ford symbol above it. Unfortunatly the serial number isn't readable. It has spaces for the Ford and Mach 1 emblems, unlike the aftermarket...
  6. Mustang Willis

    1994 -1998 Stock Headlights

    $30 PM if interested
  7. Mustang Willis

    Broken Xbox 360 (Not Red Ring)

    Hi guys, my xbox recently starting having the "open tray" issue (google it). It goes to dashboard and everything it just wont read disks. Could be an easy fix but i dont have the know-how so im just going to get rid of it. Im asking $50 for the console and cables, no controller or harddrive...
  8. Mustang Willis

    95 Mustang $2000

  9. Mustang Willis


    so from what i see there are two brackets and a hanger then my muffler and tailpipe will come right this right?
  10. Mustang Willis

    WTB 94-98 stock spoiler

    preferably in teal:D but will take any color
  11. Mustang Willis

    wtb stock rims

    looking for some stock mustang rims...perferably bullitts or termi rims...but will take anything 17 ins:D
  12. Mustang Willis

    keyless entry transmitter

    so i've had my car for almost 2 years now and for most of that time my keyless entry transmitter hasn't worked. not realizing that it had batteries i just didn't do anything about it. but last night when i was talking to my buddy about it he took a knife and popped it open and sure enough there...
  13. Mustang Willis

    headlight lightbulbs

    so one of my headlights went out and now i need to replace the bulb. i was to go with some halogens to make it look better, are the bulbs going to be specific to my car? i've gone on american muscle and found the ones i want and also found them at advanced auto but didn't get the chance to talk...
  14. Mustang Willis

    candy FAIL

    failblog's Channel - YouTube
  15. Mustang Willis

    overheating or faulty temp gauge?

    so yesterday i went on a 20 mile ride to get my sister from my dad's and on the way there i noticed that since i had gotten my car's oil changed it was running a lot colder (i figured due to the cai and fresh oil) i was 1000 miles overdue for the oil:smash:, and it had been running hotter...
  16. Mustang Willis

    95 v6 speed governor

    so today while going down the northway, i went the fastest i have ever gone in my car, 115, before letting off because i was flying by everyone else. i know it's nothing really special but i normally don't even go over 100. but after some curious thoughts i researched the governor on my car and...
  17. Mustang Willis

    1994 - 1998 v6 steering column

    steering column needed, contact through this thread or pm, thanks
  18. Mustang Willis

    1994 - 1998 Rear Bumper Cover

    rear bumper cover needed contact through this thread or pm, thanks
  19. Mustang Willis

    anyone in here play GTAIV?

    i've played it for the 360 since it came out and i'm still loving it. the two new add ons make it so it never gets boring for me. but hey, when does stealing cars and killing tons of people get boring?:awesomework: