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  1. elr2141979

    shelby gt pics

    i love that black :)
  2. elr2141979

    Grand Turismo 5

    thats the biggest problem with GT5 they have a bunch of 70HP cars that nobody wants to drive. so out of a 1000 cars maybe 350 are worth driving.
  3. elr2141979

    Grand Turismo 5

    GT 5 seems to be missing somthing.
  4. elr2141979

    Grand Turismo 5

    forza is a much better game.
  5. elr2141979

    Grand Turismo 5

    i just got it today.
  6. elr2141979

    dash cam catches 100+ mph crash..

    yeah he should be a stunt man.
  7. elr2141979

    Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (HD) - E3 2010 Reveal Trailer

    nfs hot pursuit 2 for the ps2 was the best nfs 2nd best was nfs2 for pc nfs shift 3rd best
  8. elr2141979

    First 2011 5.0 Turbo Kit

    just supercharge it.
  9. elr2141979

    NYMustangs Official Photographer

    NYMustangs Official Photographer
  10. elr2141979

    Bear Mountain 6-23-10 [Pics]

    great pics.
  11. elr2141979

    NY Mustangs Make-A-Wish Show ** Official Thread - June 12, 2010

    Re: NY Mustangs Make-A-Wish Show ** Official Thread - June 12, 2010 ** damn it i have no stang :(
  12. elr2141979

    Call Of Duty 6 - Modern Warfare 2

    i'm going to get it.
  13. elr2141979

    New York Auto Show

    can't go i have to see a house tomorrow.