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  1. Baz

    Power window sbj fuse issue

    So run into a slight electrical gremlin. Recently installed a new head unit into my 07 Mustang, old one was a shaker 500 replaced it with a Seicane unit. They provided a plug and play harness. after install everything worked fine, aside from the power windows and mirrors. SBJ fuse #6...
  2. Baz

    F/S 2007 OEM Pony Pack wheels

    Selling my original 2007 Pony Package wheels, these were the originals when I bought it brand new, took them off a couple years ago. Wheels themselves are in OK condition, just some curb rash on one of them and could use a really good cleaning. Tires are also the OEM Pirellis that originally...
  3. Baz

    F/S 05-09 (-14?) Strut brace/bar Generic

    Generic Strut Brace/bar purchased from American Muscle several years back. Comes off my 07 V6, should fit 05 - 09 might go even as much as a 14. It's in decent condition, "chrome" finish which held up more surprisingly than expected. $50
  4. Baz

    Big thanks!!

    Want to thank Rob and the team at RealSpeed for really doing an amazing job on my 07 V6. They kept in touch and were very up front about anything which I greatly appreciated. I really look forward to working with the shop in the future on more projects. Again very big thanks!
  5. Baz

    S197 door leather insert repair

    Well looks like my luck ran out and my leather door insert is now peeling off, only myself to blame since its probably from 8 years of leaving the door open when it rained while closing my parking lot gate. I know I've seen a lot of people run into the problem but haven't had luck with searching...
  6. Baz

    Rear Diff and Gear shop

    I've gotten all parts together to swap out my rear diff and gears, but looking for a good shop to have them done. I know the popular answer is RealSpeed and Mustang Magic. Looking for any thoughts. Thanks:awesomework:
  7. Baz

    Stock vs 1pc aluminum DS

    Is it worth going to the 1pc driveshaft on a V6? Not looking to force induct or drag the car, if anything i'd take it on the occasional autocross.
  8. Baz

    Serious voltage drop during stops

    So I've come across my first major issue/flaw with my car since owning it. For a while I noticed the volt reader would drop while at red lights when I have the headlights on, and as I hold the break it would continue to drain, once light hits green the volt read shoots up and everything is fine...
  9. Baz

    New rubber on my Pony

    Had the car go through the annual inspection and check up, and the dealership actually is nice enough to give complimentary car washes. Being that my car was pretty dirty when I got the new wheels on, took the opportunity and well here they are: also saw this parked inside when I walked...
  10. Baz

    Battery recommendation / charging issue

    Looking to replace my battery since I'm starting to feel it might finally be going, beleive it or not its the original battery from 2007. I was driving around last night had no problems until I finally started to notice the wierd sound coming from the radio was part of the techno track, and my...
  11. Baz

    7.5 Trac Lok discontinued?

    So I was just browsing AmericanMuscle the other day and went to look at the FRPP Trac Lok, which is now labeled as being no longer carried. I looked around FRPP catalog and it isn't listed there either. Possible FRPP is phasing out 7.5 parts finally now that V6 Stangs are 8.8? Might make a...
  12. Baz

    Mustang Klub Polska - Mustang Race 2012

    Awesome video made by Mustang Klub Polska, kinda suprised how big their club is considering how hard and expensive it is to get a Mustang in Poland, let alone how bad the roads are lol. They also made a Video for Mustang Race 2011 which was really epic also!
  13. Baz

    SCT LiveLink setup

    Wonder if any ones uses SCT's Livelink for Datalogging and curious if you can setup the SF/X3 to datalog horsepower, or would I need to get a Live Wire tuner? I got the tuner from AmericanMuscle through Bama tunes. I know a Dyno is the best way and more accurate but figure I just got a...
  14. Baz

    NYM Cruise for a Cure video

    Hi Guys, I said I was working on it and finally finished it. Think it came out really good. NY Cruise for a Cure 2011 - YouTube
  15. Baz

    Bama 93 Race Tune

    So I just filled up on some 93 and feel like testing out BAMA's 93 race tune, anyone here run that? I heard it isn't recommended for daily drivers but want to see the difference while gas prices are somewhat "stable". I run the 89 Performance right now. Also before I load the tune, had under...
  16. Baz

    92 - 98 BMW 3 series stuff

    In college I had a '92 325i to commute and bought some parts to keep it legal and running, eventually wasn't worth it made it someone else's problem. Hopefully someone here can make use of these or maybe have a friend who would be interested. I have a used heater valve for 92 - 98 BMW it...
  17. Baz

    wheels for 2007 V6 /w pony pkg

    I'm looking to change up the wheels on my car since time for new tires. I wanted to check as I heard the standard V6 came with 16" wheels and shouldn't get any larger as there issues with brake caliper clearences. I have a pony Pkg which came with 17"s and want 18s will there be any issue with...
  18. Baz

    '07 to '10/'11 driver airbag cover swap

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has come across a way to swap the 05-09 airbag cover on the steering wheel to the new aluminium capped '10/'11 ones. The emblem on my 07 has badly worn out unfortunately and these new ones look just awesome.
  19. Baz

    Don't know why I took this long

    I've had my '07 from brand new on Memorial Day weekend of 07, but not till recently I decided to join any forums. Think has to do at the time I was leasing the car and wasn't sure what my plans were, and I ended up buying the lease out since I love the damn thing. Nothing to special just a V6...
  20. Baz

    Strut brace on a 07 V6 Stang Install Q

    Hi, I just got in the Stack Racing Strut Brace off AM, and run into some issues. I know with the 07 there's the Coil Pack issue and I added the washers but it seems it still wont clear the coil pack. Just wondering if you installed a strut brace and how many washers you used or was there...