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  1. dadnpony

    Engine bay dress up

    Finally started on the engine bay. happy how it looks so far ! More to go. "][/URL]
  2. dadnpony

    Hurricane Sandy meets Holbrook.

    Couple of Pictures from my neighborhood ! No one Hurt Stang is Safe Whew........
  3. dadnpony

    Short tube Headers ?

    Have been getting the bug to do "Short tube headers". Is It worth the effort for a 4.6 D.D. ?
  4. dadnpony

    Wheels for Warriors cruise, Thomas Bull Park

    Here's some Pic's I have of the Day. Was a Good Ride and Great day. Thanks to all that put it Together.:awesomework: Can anyone tell who is Frankie Lapp in this Photo ?
  5. dadnpony

    Some Pics I have of AM Show !

    Can't Forget My self ! The Rattler was in the House ! Woops Me Again ! GT 500 Making Steam! Heading Home :(
  6. dadnpony

    Exhaust choice question ?

    I've been banging my head against the wall trying to make up my mind.:confused: I'm looking for nice sounding axle backs for a 2010 GT mostly stock except for a BBk CAI. I tired of listening to u-tube video's. It's really hard to tell what they will sound like for real. Just want to pick some...
  7. dadnpony

    2010 Stock rims 18X8's for sale

    Rims are in mint condition. Will photo if anyone's intrested. Make me an offer.
  8. dadnpony

    "Airaid" CAI ?

    Does anyone have any input on "Airaid" CAI's there saying the 2010 edition can give 15 more Hp without a tune ? Thanks
  9. dadnpony

    Steeda air intake & SCT tune

    Hey Joe. I have a 2010 gt and was thinking about installing the steeda intake with a street tune. Do you recommend this or is there something better? This is my daily ride, Just looking for a little more punch and throttle response. Thanks
  10. dadnpony

    Anybody use "autokicks" in Ronkonkoma ?

    I'm looking to put on a nice set of rims on my white "10" has any body use "autokicks" aka ( Just Tires ) ? Thanks for input.
  11. dadnpony

    Just joined From Holbrook NY.

    Hello everyone, I just found out about this site last Tuesday up at Bald Hill. Meet a number on nice people. My name is Steve and have a white 2010 GT. Plate ( DADNPONY ) I'm looking foward to the new friedships and learning a lot more. I'm not the sharpest computer /...