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  1. adkmach1

    Mach 1 tail lights

    I have problem with the chrome trim pieces that fit on the tail light. They keep coming off. I've silicone them, super glue them and they still want to come off any ideas what to put on them? They're brand new lights. Thank you in advance. Bruce.
  2. adkmach1

    351w build

    Doug, Im thinking about rebuilding my 351 Windsor over the winter? Could you give me a ballpark price on short block? it's a 1970 block unknown miles on it. I would like a 10 or 10.5 to 1 compression, either hyper or forge pistons. I'm planning on either Afr to Trickflow heads. I would like to...
  3. adkmach1

    rear leaf springs

    Thinking about changing out my old tired out leaf springs for new ones. My questions is should i go with the original 4 leaf springs or go to 5 leaf spring? My car is raised up in the back with a shackle kit, air shocks and has larger tires on it. Is a 5 leaf going to be stronger and is it going...
  4. adkmach1


    How many of you classic owners upgrade your wiring in your car? What did you go with (painless or something else) and did you do it yourself? How big of job is it? Or should i stay with the orginal wiring. help please
  5. adkmach1

    electric fans

    Just wondering how many classic guys use electric fans or flex fans and if the like them or not? Thinking about putting an electric fan on over the winter and if its worth it?
  6. adkmach1

    Upgrading the ignition

    I'm looking to upgrade my distributor, has any one ever used pertronix? Supposedly you can use your old distributor and install pertronix and you have electronic ignition for around 100 bucks. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. adkmach1

    Storing a car away

    When storing your classic away for the winter, what do you recommend? Besides add stabil to your gas tank. It's going to be stored in a dry, not heated garage.
  8. adkmach1

    Aluminum mags

    I have a set of aluminum mags that's 40 years old. Could you recommend a good cleaner to take of oxidation and corrosion off? thank you for your help.
  9. adkmach1

    E brake bracket

    I have 69 mach 1, when I replaced the floorboards in my car. I forget to get a measurement for the e-brake bracket that located under the passenger seat towards the transmission. It's the bracket that has a steel s hanger that hooks from the bracket to the e-brake cable to make it tight. I need...
  10. adkmach1


    I'm going to be purchasing a set of long tube headers for my 69 mach 1 mustang. The engine is a 351W with a 4 speed transmission. I was wondering what brand should I get? What headers fit the best and what do you recommend? I don't want to spend any more than 500. Thank you for input.
  11. adkmach1

    carpet installation

    I got new carpet for my mustang this Christmas, I was looking at one of my parts catalog and they recommend putting down carpet underlayment under the new carpet especially in the older cars. They claim that it makes the carpet fit better. I could see how it would work for sound deadener, and...
  12. adkmach1

    Adkmach1's restoration progress

    Replacing the floorboards... Before... Had to use the sawzall and torches quite a bit to remove the things. More pics are on the way. :)
  13. adkmach1

    428 or 429

    I'm redoing my 1969 mach 1. I'm thinking about putting in a 428 or 429 big block motor in it. Which would be a better performance motor to put in? Right now it's got a 351 w. in it. Thank you for your input.
  14. adkmach1

    New person

    My name is Bruce and I just wanted to say hi to everyone. Currently I'm working on a 69 mach 1 that I've been working on for the past couple of years. "Hopefully" it will be on the road this summer. I'm looking forward to meeting you this summer at car shows and get togethers.