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  1. marguerite66

    Harbor House Cruise-In/Concert Saturday

    There is a cruise-in and concert by DJ Andy next Saturday. I've seen him play before at Harbor House and it was a good time. The band will do casual judging of the cars for the trophies.
  2. marguerite66

    Metro Ford Saturday

    Is anyone planning to go to Metro Show on Saturday? My Dad and I will most likely be there. Supposed to be nice weather. :awesomework:
  3. marguerite66

    2016 Mustang Rally Finger Lakes

    The 2016 Mustang Rally of the Finger Lakes is set for August 4th - August 7th! :rock:This year will be a little different as there will be no Laps at Watkins Glen on Friday due to NASCAR. We are working on plans for what to do on Friday, more information will be posted soon. Saturday we will...
  4. marguerite66

    Capital District - Who wants to go to MCA's Mustangs on the Niagara

    Hey everyone. This show is a pretty big deal for Western NY. I will be attending and am hoping some others from our area would like to come out as well. I have reached out to Jeff ('08StangGT) who is now the MCA rep for the ASMC. He has a group of 6 cars plus myself that will cruise out...
  5. marguerite66

    Capital District Spring Cruise

    Hey everyone. I know it is the middle of winter, LOL. But lets think Spring. It has been a while since we have done something so it is time to get back out. I was thinking either April or May, I want to list some dates and get feed back on what works for people. So some choices are April 23...
  6. marguerite66

    2016 NYM Event Calendar

    Hey everyone, I have offered to help with our Events section so I will be moderating this section and trying to keep all the events on track. I know we already have a Calendar on the site but I thought I would do something similar that I do for our local club which is to put everything together...
  7. marguerite66

    Capital District - New coordinator needed

    Hey guys. Sorry I did not really do much as Coordinator, guess it just wasn't a fit for me. I asked Mike to remove me as Coordinator a while back. Hopefully I can help the site in other ways. We have a new year upon us and hope we can get the region going again. Is anyone interested in...
  8. marguerite66

    2015 Mustang Rally Pictures

    Use this thread to post up pics/videos.
  9. marguerite66

    2015 Mustang Rally Finger Lakes

    The 2015 Mustang Rally of the Finger Lakes is set for July 31st - August 2nd! :rock:This year should be a great time! There are a couple changes for Friday. First,as many of you already know, we will have the choice of doing an extra set of Laps at Watkins Glen. You can choose to do just 3 for...
  10. marguerite66

    PICS Plattsburgh Cruise/BBQ at Jareds

    Here are my pics. They aren't the greatest since I was driving. :) Hope others have pics to post! URL] Jared showing us the man cave: RL] A few more Mustangs from the area showed up:
  11. marguerite66

    PICS from Dawn & Frosty's cruise to Indian Lake

    Had a great time cruising with Frosty today! :rock: The weather was perfect and the foliage was stunning! Here are a few pics.
  12. marguerite66

    XFactor contestant from Long Island blows away Simon Cowell with Mustang Sally

    :awesomework::stang5::rock: I love how they all doubted her until she starting singing.. Simone Torres - Revs Up with "Mustang Sally" - THE X FACTOR USA 2013 - YouTube
  13. marguerite66

    2013 Mustang Rally Finger Lakes

    The 2013 Mustang Rally of the Finger Lakes will be August 2nd - 4th! :rock:Just like last year, we have a very fun weekend planned and this year will be even better! On Friday, we will be going to Watkins Glen to do some laps.Saturday we will have the Car Show followed by the Parade. Sunday will...
  14. marguerite66

    Could've had a V8

    These are great! :D V8 juice drive thru commercial - YouTube V8 Commercial with Baby - YouTube V8 juice mirror commercial - YouTube V8 busboy commercial - YouTube Salad Bar Could've Had A V8 commercial - YouTube V8 tomato juice Dog - YouTube Bush Cheney V8 commercial - YouTube...
  15. marguerite66

    Attn: 04 Orange Cobra

    Thanks for getting Mayhem off my roof! :awesomework: :D Mayhem: Snow Video - YouTube
  16. marguerite66

    Watkins Glen Grand Prix and NYM WWP Cruise PICS!!!

    What an amazing Mustang filled weekend!! :stang5: I made a vacation out of the Grand Prix event by combining it with the Western NY WWP Cruise! Was is worth 700 miles on the Stang? HELL YEAH!!! :rock: 1st on thing I did was walk the Watkins Glen gorge...
  17. marguerite66

    Watkins Glen Grand Prix Old Course Laps VIDEO

    Participated in the Watkins Glen Grand Prix Tour de Marque which honored the Ford Mustang this year. Doing the Old Course laps were a blast! :headbang: I got a couple videos when we were just starting out but the real fun was away from the crowds when we were flying on those back roads! No...
  18. marguerite66

    Metro Ford 2012 PICS!!

  19. marguerite66

    Lia Collision 3rd Annual Car Show Pics

    Was a good show today, not as many cars as last year but still 150+ :) Finally got to see the Gotta have it Green! Pics do not do it justice! :headbang: Holding the flag for the National Anthem was pretty cool!
  20. marguerite66

    Lia Collision Car Show - July 8th

    I'm thinking of going to this tomorrow. My Dad is bringing his Saleen too. Anyone going? Looks like they had a good turnout last year. Untitled Pics...