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  1. mabcim

    F/S Bizzak LM-60 235-50R18, Pony Wheels 18x8, Centers, TPMS, Set of 4

    I traded in my 2011 a couple months ago. So I do not need my winter tires anymore. I put them up on eBay, but figured I'd let this forum know as well. Feel free to PM me.
  2. mabcim

    working on C4 tranny, have a couple questions

    While my engine is out I'm going to paint my tranny and address a couple leaks. The tranny was rebuilt a couple years back (but they didn't paint it :(), so I'm just cracking it open and replacing the seals & gaskets. I torn it apart this weekend but have a question things I was hoping to get...
  3. mabcim


    Just joined. A link to this forum showed up on another forum I follow. It was great to see a local forum like this. I have a 64 1/2 Convertible, Guardsman Blue with white interior and top. I have had the car for about 5 years. This past June I bought a 2011 V6 Pony, Kona blue. It is my daily...