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  1. mabcim

    Car stuck in park

    Never heard of anyone having that issue. But post what you learn.
  2. mabcim

    New member saying hi from the Bronx

    Welcome. Nice Stang. Cannot beat blue :-)
  3. mabcim

    Help finding a steering wheel???

    You might want to post on a Concourse Mustang forum for some pointers. I don't know much about that year's parts. I had a hard time trying to find a replacement for mine as well.
  4. mabcim

    Help finding a steering wheel???

    I doubt you will find a complete set, unless you happen upon someone that is doing a swap.
  5. mabcim

    Stereo upgrade suggestions?

    Something like this:
  6. mabcim

    Southern Tier

    Do you have a relationship with any new car dealership? They might be able to give you an idea, so maybe even help you.
  7. mabcim

    Hey from Horseheads

    You might be surprised. There aren't too many 6s around, so their are people that like to see them. Go to cruise nights and open the hood.
  8. mabcim

    Hey from Horseheads

  9. mabcim

    Goundhog Day has arrived

    Phil is never accurate, but I'd like to believe
  10. mabcim

    Hey from Monroe NY

  11. mabcim

    All electric to be unveiled soon by Ford 11/17/19 MACH E

    I did consider it. While the range is good for everyday driving, I couldn't take it on a trip with a lengthy stop in the middle. So the range is stopping me. Plus it is hard for me to get a car without ever sitting in it. The First Edition was tempting, but really have no need for the full glass...
  12. mabcim

    2019 Adirondack Nationals

    Cool. Thanks for sharing
  13. mabcim

    Hey from Endwell

    Welcome. Looks nice
  14. mabcim

    2019 Woodward Dream Cruise

    I took my 2011 one year. It was cool to say I did that once.
  15. mabcim

    2019 Woodward Dream Cruise

    Thanks for posting. I didn't make it out this year :-(
  16. mabcim

    New member saying hello.

    I had the Pony package on my 2011. I ordered the car with the stripe deleted. For me, it made the car look cleaner. But like said, you do what you want with yours; if you want the stripe, add it.
  17. mabcim

    New member saying hello.

    Welcome. I like the wheels. You have the Pony package, those wheels only come with that package. As I tell other people, it is your car so do what you want.
  18. mabcim

    Stalling when coming to a stop ....

    You do have to be careful not to mess up any sensors in the throttle body when cleaning it; carb cleaner can mess them up.
  19. mabcim

    Stalling when coming to a stop ....

    Nice car. It sounds like it could be TPS. Which could be the sensor or the cabling for the throttle. When coming down to idle, things might be dropping a little to far. While not ideal, try adjusting to have a slightly high idle; and see what impact that has.