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  1. jmiller

    The jterror Freedom Build *1969 Coupe*

    Finally, I’ve got a big block that is GOOD! I pulled an FE block from a 1970 Ford pickup that’s been parked for some time. The donor truck was bought for $1 at a local auction back in the early 2000s. It was surprising to find the block in such good shape directly out of the vehicle so I had...
  2. jmiller

    Merry Xmas MineralGray02K

    lol Angry Birds Christmas Light Game - YouTube
  3. jmiller

    JennaMarbles is my new crush.

    Things To Do Instead Of Cleaning Your Room - YouTube Girls That Piss Me Off - YouTube What Girls Do In The Car - YouTube
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    Catvertising - YouTube
  5. jmiller

    wibbledy wobbledy WTF

    going to the store - YouTube can't. stop. laughing. :rofl:
  6. jmiller

    2012 Ford Focus Spokes"person"

  7. jmiller

    Modded my son's pickup

  8. jmiller

    Browser War

    I lol'ed.
  9. jmiller

    Angry Birds Live in Spain (May 2011)

    hehehehe :awesomework: YouTube - ‪T-Mobile Angry Birds Live in Barcelona, Spain‬‏
  10. jmiller

    Mother ****ing Win

  11. jmiller

    some evening music Edit: It makes me giggle. :)
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    YouTube - Don't you put it in your mouth.
  13. jmiller

    Heroic Dog in Japan - brought rescuers to his friend

    It's heartbreaking and inspiring. Dog Survives Japan Tsunami, Leads Rescuers to Injured Friend - ABC News
  14. jmiller

    minecraft creeper

  15. jmiller

    Once again, dogs > cats

    breed: Berger de Brie aka Briard YouTube - Dog Riding a Scooter YouTube - David Letterman - The Scooter-Riding Dog
  16. jmiller

    1280 frames per second

    YouTube - Airsoft Destruction
  17. jmiller

    funny subaru ad

    YouTube - Snowball
  18. jmiller

    irony in the UK

    YouTube - My Blackberry Is Not Working! - The One Ronnie, Preview - BBC One
  19. jmiller

    On to the next engine block...

    Well, I was hoping to start a progress thread but "1 step forward two back" as they say. Oh well, it was fun with what little bit I did get torn down. My goal right now is to put a 390 in the car and this block came out of a truck that the husband picked up at an auction some 10 years ago. We...