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  1. SVTCruz

    F/S 2015 Taurus SHO

    I hate to do this but due to me starting a new job, it is best for me to get rid of my 2015 Taurus SHO. I currently owe $28,763.08. It has 23,816.8 miles as of 09/10/16. I pay $467 a month for it. I purchased the car on 11/15/15. The car has a five years warranty on the rims/tires. Gap...
  2. SVTCruz

    F/S IRS Differential Cover

    Never used! Brand New. I switched to a SRA before I could install it. Will fit all 99-04 Mustang Cobras or any Mustang with a 8.8 IRS. This is the exact part: Ford Racing Mustang IRS Differential Cover - 8.8in M-4033-G3 (99-04 Cobra) - Free Shipping $230 plus shipping...
  3. SVTCruz

    F/S Billet Specialties Wheels 15x8

    Selling 2 Billet Specialties Wheels 15x8. Back spacing is 4.5". Bolt Pattern is 5x4.5". Wheels have Mickey Thompson ET Streets R 275/50R15 tires mounted on them. They have 500 miles on them at MOST! These were on my 03 Cobra with the stock IRS. Now that I am swapping to a SRA I'm going with a...
  4. SVTCruz

    WTT 03 Cobra IRS for built SRA

    Looking to trade my stock IRS with 18K miles for a built 99-04 SRA. Let me know
  5. SVTCruz

    F/S 99-04 Cobra Bassani exhaust

    Selling the Bassani cat back off my 03 Cobra. Cat back has about 2K miles on it. It is still on the car, but the car is not being driven until spring time. $500 picked up
  6. SVTCruz

    F/S 99-04 Mustang Wheels and Tires

  7. SVTCruz

    F/S 03 Cobra Parchment seats

  8. SVTCruz

    F/S Bassani X-Pipe

    I am selling my Bassani X-pipe with removable cats. I had the cats on the car for maybe a total of 500 miles. My car is very low so the cats does have scratches on the bottom. I used the cats only to pass inspection. I had a bung in the Xpipe. I had asked the shop to weld a bung into my new...
  9. SVTCruz

    WTT AFS 18 inch rims for drag wheels

    I am looking to trade my 18" Chrome AFS Replica Cobra rims for Billet Specialties Street Lite Wheels (17x7 & 16x9.5). Rears are 18x10.5 with Toyo R888 (315/30R18). Fronts are 18x9 with Sumitomo (275/35R18). I got this set up in the Summer of 2014. I probably put 500 miles at most on them...
  10. SVTCruz

    F/S toyo R888 size 315/30R18

    Like new tires (less than 800 miles) for sale. Tires are still on the car. $500 for both picked up
  11. SVTCruz

    Pocono raceway roll racing

    Anyone interested in going??? SlipStream Racing Events
  12. SVTCruz

    F/S Bassani high flow cats

    I am selling the high flow cats off my Bassani X-Pipe. Cats have about 700 miles on them. My car is lowered (a lot!) so the cats have scrapes on the outer case. $180 Shipped
  13. SVTCruz

    Bassani exhaust and GoPro
  14. SVTCruz

    Yorktown NY Cars and Coffee

    So I just started attending this car meet on Sunday mornings: I must say there are a lot more Chevy cars then Fords! Let's see if we can change that this Sunday!!!
  15. SVTCruz

    F/S 2000 Acura Integra LS

    I am selling my wife's 2000 Acura Integra LS with 76,xxx miles. The car is in great condition. It has NO aftermarket parts. Has spoiler, moon roof, 5K HIDs and remote start alarm system. All service records have been recorded. $4,000
  16. SVTCruz

    F/S toyo R888 tires

    I just had these put on this past week. They are 315 30r18. They have about 10 miles on them. I had them mounted and balanced at a shop and drove the car home. These tires were purchased from Tire rack and I paid the extra $30 to have them heat cycled. $560 picked up
  17. SVTCruz

    F/S Cobra rims & MT Tires

    Up for sale are 4 OEM SVT Cobra wheels with 15,000 miles on them. They have been painted black with plasti dip. This stuff peels right off if you don’t like the color. $400 picked up I also have a set of Mickey Thompson 275/40r17 street tires. They have less than 500 miles on them. These are...
  18. SVTCruz

    F/S 99-04 Mustang Prochamber

    I am selling a 99-04 Mustang off road Mac Prochamber. It is in great condition. Looks brand new. Was on my 03 Cobra for about 300 miles. $200 Shipped This is the exact item I have for Sell: MAC Off-road Pro Chamber Mustang Mid-Pipe PC9900 (99-04 4.6L) - Free Shipping PC9900...
  19. SVTCruz

    F/S 99-04 Cobra Mac Cat back

  20. SVTCruz

    F/S 03/04 Cobra/mach 1 rear brake calipers

    I am selling a set of brand new OEM 03/04 Cobra/mach 1 rear brake calipers. I got these for my mach 1 but sold it before installing them. $275 Shipped WP_20130907_13_42_54_Pro_zps8d1d121c.jpg Photo by cruzmach1 | Photobucket WP_20130907_13_42_47_Pro_zps6b7727be.jpg Photo by cruzmach1 | Photobucket