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  1. SaratogaSaleen

    2019 Adirondack Nationals

    Great turnout ... few pics from Saturday.
  2. SaratogaSaleen

    2019 Woodward Dream Cruise

    Just a small sample of the muscle in Detroit ;)
  3. SaratogaSaleen

    Trunk / Stereo Work

    Had some stereo work done in the trunk of the Saleen ... original owner's setup was kinda "tacky" ... and the trunk was virtually useless. Guy I work with, used to work for a electronics sales / install place and redid the whole setup for me ... I think he did a really nice job! :awesomework...
  4. SaratogaSaleen

    '99 -'04 GT LeBRA

    F/S LeBRA Front End Cover 1999-2004 GT New - in the box, never installed. $75.00
  5. SaratogaSaleen

    F/S - Maximum Motorsports Panhard Bar '99 - '04 GT

    Never installed - I was going to install it on my '04 Saleen, but it is not compatible with the Saleen center exhaust setup. My loss is your gain. $300.00
  6. SaratogaSaleen

    Converting to Coil Over Suspension on the front end

    I've been thinking about changing the front suspension from a strut & spring arrangement to a coil over setup ... should remove some weight and give me better adjustment on ride height and stiffness. MM makes a coil over kit for the Bilstein struts I have on the car ... need to select the spring...
  7. SaratogaSaleen

    F/S 1994 - 5.0 gt

    A guy I work with has his GT listed on Albany Craigslist ... '94 GT - 5.0 L ... car is VERY clean and runs strong ! 1994 Ford Mustang GT Coupe
  8. SaratogaSaleen

    F/S OBX '99 - '04 2V Shorty Headers - 304SS

    For Sale - Brand new out of the box with gaskets. I was going to install them this winter, but changed my mind. $300 - SOLD
  9. SaratogaSaleen

    $$$ OUCH $$$

    PhotoBlog - Gone in less than 60 seconds: 11 luxury sports cars wrecked in expensive pileup :( :smash:
  10. SaratogaSaleen

    NY Central End of Season Cruise

    Finally getting a chance to load some of the pics I took ... been a crazy week at work and home ;) BTW ... awesome pics and videos to everyone else that has posted so far :awesomework: I'm only posting pics that were a little different ... a lot of my shots would be duplicates of whats...
  11. SaratogaSaleen

    2nd Annual All Car & Truck Show

    Pics of several of the Mustangs that attended the show. This was a fund raiser held for Saratoga Bridges at the Albany / Saratoga Speedway on 9/17/11.
  12. SaratogaSaleen

    04 Saleen Speedster

    Hello from Saratoga Springs ... looking forward to meeting folks and attending some events. :awesomework: