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    20161109 145622

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    20161109 145718

  7. SVTCruz

    F/S 2015 Taurus SHO

    I hate to do this but due to me starting a new job, it is best for me to get rid of my 2015 Taurus SHO. I currently owe $28,763.08. It has 23,816.8 miles as of 09/10/16. I pay $467 a month for it. I purchased the car on 11/15/15. The car has a five years warranty on the rims/tires. Gap...
  8. CC


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    14374386 661564600667885 1277714824 n

  10. SVTCruz

    F/S IRS Differential Cover

    Never used! Brand New. I switched to a SRA before I could install it. Will fit all 99-04 Mustang Cobras or any Mustang with a 8.8 IRS. This is the exact part: Ford Racing Mustang IRS Differential Cover - 8.8in M-4033-G3 (99-04 Cobra) - Free Shipping $230 plus shipping...
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    20160327 173316

  12. SVTCruz

    F/S 99-04 Mustang Wheels and Tires

    sorry, I forgot to update ad.
  13. SVTCruz

    NYS Inspection

    You probably have a hose that isn't connected. The evap is located in the passenger side fender. I had the same problem. I found a friend of mine forgot to connect the hose. Once I did that and drove for about 100 miles the evap system was good.
  14. SVTCruz

    F/S 03 Cobra Parchment seats

    Sorry they just sold
  15. SVTCruz

    F/S Billet Specialties Wheels 15x8

    Selling 2 Billet Specialties Wheels 15x8. Back spacing is 4.5". Bolt Pattern is 5x4.5". Wheels have Mickey Thompson ET Streets R 275/50R15 tires mounted on them. They have 500 miles on them at MOST! These were on my 03 Cobra with the stock IRS. Now that I am swapping to a SRA I'm going with a...
  16. SVTCruz

    F/S 99-04 GT Suspension, Brakes, etc - Complete Part Out

    You still have the rear GT calipers, brackets and rotors?
  17. SVTCruz

    WTT 03 Cobra IRS for built SRA

    Looking to trade my stock IRS with 18K miles for a built 99-04 SRA. Let me know
  18. SVTCruz

    F/S 99-04 Cobra Bassani exhaust

    Selling the Bassani cat back off my 03 Cobra. Cat back has about 2K miles on it. It is still on the car, but the car is not being driven until spring time. $500 picked up
  19. SVTCruz

    F/S 99-04 Mustang Wheels and Tires

  20. SVTCruz

    F/S 03 Cobra Parchment seats