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    WGI opener I plan on going Sunday
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    autocross ends with new engine

    Quick up date did an autocross in June on a old army air strip and this happened on my 4th run about 6 cones in the old 289 popped fast forward to last week installed an Explorer gt40P with Edelbrock performer 5.0 heads and a B303 cam. Notice the...
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    Watkins glen season opener

    I'm having Mustang withdrawal:( looking forward to this:rock:
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    A little vintique for your day

    A few of us vintage guys went to the last SCCA Solo event at Watkins Glen last weekend
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    Watkins glen season opener

    Opening Weekend - Watkins Glen International :headbang::rock::awesomework::):D
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    my new wheels

    I know this is mostly a late model site but I'm just going to leave this here
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    98 Explorer 5.0

    My parents have a 98 Explorer for sale with the 5.0 gt40P engine also the 8.8 with rear disk of course :awesomework: Inspected through December after that:thumbsdown: I'd love to have the engine my self but the P heads are kind of a hassle in a 66 without expensive headers or restrictive HIPO...
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    Fillmore Glen state park

    Fillmore car show
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    Syracuse Shelby Mustang Club

    I'm not a member ,But I didn't see it listed on here .Wondering if it's worth the two hour drive one way to go:confused: Anyone else going or gone in the past
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    former troll

    High got an invite from @Restomod: to join and sign up for the trip to the Glen as I was planing on going any way and mentioned it on VMF . Anyway not new to forums just this one. To many forums to little time. So here it is not a show pony at all but it's mine and payed for .