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    wheel and tire sizes for fender flares on 83 mustang

    I've been doing alot of research online and looking at different fender flare kits, which I have found several, but nobody talks about what wheel and tire combo people are using. Has anyone here installed fender flairs that wouldn't mind telling me what wheel and tire combo their using? I'm...
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    I'm at a suspension and brake crossroads

    I'm working on my 92 which is still a 4cyl and upgrading the suspension and brakes for the eventual conversion. So far I replaced the 7.5 with a 8.8 with 3.73 gears, boxed lrs upper and lower rear control arms, rear sway bar from a 95 cobra (I also have the front one aswell) , KYB shocks and...
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    New from Schenectady

    Hello everyone. I just want to introduce myself and its nice to find a forum is is local and also covers the whole state. I have 2 Mustangs that I'm doing 5.0 conversions on and I have many questions.