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  1. 88foxbody

    WTB 87-93 GT bumper!!!

    Just as the title says. I NEED a front gt bumper let me know what you have ASAP please and thank you
  2. 88foxbody

    Ideas for new setup?

    Hey guys I just got finished building my turbo 5.0 now I'm into another project. A buddy of mine sold me his 302 motor and I plan on building this motor into a nasty beast. I was thinking of keeping it a 302 throwing some trick flow twisted wedge heads on there with an Anderson n91 cam, air gap...
  3. 88foxbody

    F/S Blow thru turbo kit

    Got a really good deal on an lsx motor that i couldn't pass up so I'm here selling my turbo kit. Details are as follows: -Precision 65mm turbo with .85 ar housing (10miles on it!) brand new! -Tial 50mm bov -Turbonetics 38mm wastegate -Turbo technologies intercooler -All intercooler piping...
  4. 88foxbody

    Mustang won't crank! Burning smell from starter! please help

    Hey guys I did some work to my car over the past few months (wire tuck, battery relocation, turbo kit) and today I go to start her up and the engine won't crank and there's a burning smell coming from the starter. I'm thinking the wires on the solenoid might me crossed or something like that. I...
  5. 88foxbody

    Locking out timing?

    Hey guy I just did a turbo conversion on my 5.0 and I need to set the timing. I've heard something about locking out the timing? What is this, how do I do it and how should I set my timing with this turbo. Running 10 lbs of boost with a blow thru carb
  6. 88foxbody

    F/S 87-93 hatch

    needs paint, minor rust. $30 takes it-
  7. 88foxbody

    F/S 87-93 exhaust

    long tube headers with 3inch straight pipes going to flowmaster 40's dumped. looking to get $225. sounds amazing, nice deep rumble to it. located in long island (nassau) looking to sell as complete kit
  8. 88foxbody

    Wtb: blow through carb

    Blow through carb needed for turbo kit. Let me know what you have. Cash in hand. Will also trade my 87-93 full exhaust kit plus Holley 600 4b carb plus cash
  9. 88foxbody

    whats the most boost i can run?

    im buying a weiand 174 blower within the next 2 months. im just wondering how much boost i can handle. car is mildly modded. heads, cam, intake carb, exhaust, etc. and i plan on getting a good tune. i want to run about 10psi, is this safe?
  10. 88foxbody

    MSD 6A ignition box

    came off of my fox body, selling it because I upgraded to the 6AL 2 $40 takes it, located in nassau county. will not ship sorry
  11. 88foxbody

    MAC shorty headers and bbk o/r h-pipe for fox

    headers 50 h-pipe 50 take them both for 80 PICK UP ONLY im located in nassau county
  12. 88foxbody

    need help tuning my holley carb

    Hi guys, I have a holley 650 4b carb with electric choke and im always running rich and cant stand buying new plugs every month. I need to know how to adjust my carbs air fuel mixture. I know its something with turning the 2 screws on the front but i want to do it the right way. Here's a...
  13. 88foxbody

    bad alternator? or battery?

    hey guys, so I was driving my car last night and i noticed the amp light turned on. I never had the light go on before so I was a little suprised. I park the car then I start it again. everything is fine. so i shut it off, go for a short drive, park it again. then i go to start it after that and...
  14. 88foxbody

    supercharger. roots style

    Im looking for a roots style supercharger for my 5.0, the ones that mount onto the intake manifold. let me know what you have. Cash in hand
  15. 88foxbody

    mustang wont start after head and cam swap

    i finally finished my head and cam swap along with several other parts. so i discovered some things abou my engine when i pulled the heads out. a.) the top part of my three head bolts were snapped off >.< a BIG loss in power :nono: and B.) my engine was bored to a 331! :awesomework: so i did my...
  16. 88foxbody

    reaching 400 horsepower!

    hey guys, so i really want to reach that 400hp mark. i currently have a rebuilt 302 from jasper engines which was bored to a 331 with gt40p heads (milled .045), tfs1 cam, ford racing roller lifters, ford racing flywheel, trick flow valve srpings, 1.7rr's, full exhaust, msd 6al ignition, blaster...
  17. 88foxbody

    gas smell from inside car

    ive been smelling gas for the past few months only from the inside of the car. i went underneath the car, and in the engine bay and i dont smell anything. its only in the inside. i dont understand what it can be? im running rich but this smells like straight up gasoline. has anyone had this...
  18. 88foxbody

    clicking noise from rear?

    hey guys i discovered today that theres a click noise coming from the rear end of my car. i only happens when i let off the clutch taking off or tap the gas quickly in 1st or 2nd. the car now also shakes when doing 40+mph. what are some possibilitie it can be? please help, the car just started...
  19. 88foxbody

    NOS powershot kit

    hi im selling a brand new NOS powershot kit, its a 150 shot and includes the bottle (14lbs 12oz without nitrous, 24lbs 12oz with nitrous) hoses, fittings, nitrous solenoid pt# 16020, fuel solenoid pt# 16080, NOS bottle blanket, arming switch, wiring and relays. dont know too much about nitrous...
  20. 88foxbody

    gt40 or gt40p heads

    i need a pair of gt40 or gt40p heads must be on long island