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    1990 Mustang LX 2.3l vert

    Bought this almost 7 years ago to fix up for our grand-daughter as a first car for when she got her permit/license. Started into it but kept getting torn in different directions, she got her permit but has no desire to get license and I have no desire to work on it. I put it back together, needs...
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    wanted bucket seats for first gen

    My friend texted me this morning informing me that he found a set of seats.
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    wanted bucket seats for first gen

    helping a friend locate bucket seats for a 65 to 67 Mustang email me at
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    F/S '97 Cougar XR7, Rogers drums, Modern Drummer magazines for sale

    For sale: 1. 1997 Mercury Cougar XR7 Diamond Edition with 4.6 engine. 2. Rogers drums set in butcher block finish, I am the original owner purchased in 1974. 3. Collection of Modern Drummer magazines from 1983 to 1992. Email me at for details and additional...
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    I just saw your post about your '68. A LOT of work had been done up to that time and looks like...

    I just saw your post about your '68. A LOT of work had been done up to that time and looks like it was close to being road worthy. How has the progress been since then? It's been almost a year since your original post. I was looking at the rear quarters to get an idea of when it was built, but...
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    1968 Mustang flat hood

    for sale: flat hood (no turn signals) for a 1968 Mustang. There are a few pin holes on the underside just behind the front edge which is an easy repair, the rest of the hood is in very good condition. I have stripped most of the paint and found no hidden damage or rust. The hood is left over...
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    coupe pass door glass and vent window 1967

    I have the pass side door glass (main window and vent) from a 1967 coupe. date codes are 7D & 7E CarLite. I'd rather not ship these, so looking for someone to pick up or meet within short distance of my home - Hyde Park New York. Pictures attached below - however I did not think ahead as to the...
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    1990 LX convertible top mechanicals scematic

    Unfortunately I have not found the phone number yet. I will continue to look.
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    1990 LX convertible top mechanicals scematic

    I will look tonight for a phone number
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    Hyde Park, NY car show and street fair

    I can only mention what they have done in the past 3 years, as I do not know what they plan for this year. The event is still rather new to the town and I hope it develops and builds into a larger venue. They have the car show with a DJ. Then vendor spaces are availble to rent, so it depends on...
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    Hyde Park, NY car show and street fair

    Anyone in Dutchess County or neighboring areas........ In the parking lot of the former Stop and Shop store (now vacant) at the light at the top of the hill just north of the CIA campus. Also across from the street from Cocoa's restaurant and the new location of Dunkin Donuts. The usual car...
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    I need a Clean Mustang For a Calendar Photo Shoot

    I'm coming into this way in the tail end, but add mine to the file for future consideration? I have a '68 coupe. Picture in my sig. It's a survivor with 11,854 miles on it. Was in California until 2002. Clean. At one show, a guy grabbed his wife and pulled her to the car, got down on his knees...
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    Storing a car away

    I am coming into this discussion a bit late, but I would like to add afew things. 1. Turn your sunvisors down. I have heard that mice like to nest between the sunvisor and the headliner, and then chew the materials. 2. I bought an extra set of tires and wheels for my Mustang for the winter and...
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    New from Illinois

    I sent you a PM. Welcome aboard. Check out the orange County Mustang Club website. It's a club west of Fishkill in Middletown. If you like Ringo Starr's All Star Band or the Beach Boys, get your tickets at Bethel Woods and come a couple weeks earlier to enjoy their concerts over at the former...
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    New from Illinois

    Okay, where are you coming to in Fishkill? Where are you going to work? I live in Hyde Park and work in Fishkill.
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    Hyde Park NY street fair/car show pre 1985