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  1. TDHJSilver06

    69Cobra Jet, FE and 460/429 linkage

    Looking for anyone who might have or know a manual shift linkage for 69 Mustang Cobra Jet FE and 460/429.
  2. TDHJSilver06

    EARS ( Empire Animal Rescue Society ) Dice Run

    This will be the second year for this event. Last year we had almost ten members attend and support this great animal rescue. There will be a Chinese auction and raffles at the main site once it is determined. Will update as more info is confirmed! Wanted to post the date as the year starts to...
  3. TDHJSilver06

    Ellicottville Rock and Roll Weekend Car Show

    This years show should be as great as the last years! We have always had a great representation from NY Mustangs! Last year I believe we had almost if not more than 15 members and their cars. We usually have a great spread of food and desserts that we all bring to share. This is a...
  4. TDHJSilver06

    Ellicottville Rock N Roll Weekend Car show

    Show from 12-5pm. Must be registered for this show! $20 registration. Also helping out Empire Animal Rescue Society with any donations of paper towels, cat litter, small-medium collars, toys and cleaning supplies. They will be there at the show taking any donations you have to offer. Even...
  5. TDHJSilver06

    America's Grape Counrty Wine Festival Car Show

    Noon to 5pm Car show gets driver discounted admission into the event Rain date Sunday for show Hosted by Lakeshore StreetRod Association America's Grape Country Wine Festival - America's Grape Country Wine Festival See website for more information if needed
  6. TDHJSilver06

    Upstate Auto/Tulip Fest cruise in

    Show starts at 6 ends at 9. Food and drinks provided by the dealer. Good time last year hope for good turn out this year. This is the dealership located on Route 16 in the center of Holland ,NY. This weekend is the 60th Annual Holland Tulip Festival. Midway rides in town parking lot.
  7. TDHJSilver06

    1st Annual WNY EARS Critter Cruise Dice Run

    Registration Starts at 9am-11am Registration is $15 with 100% of proceeds goings to EARS! Run begins at 11am Empire Animal Rescue Society ( EARS ) This will be the inaugural year for this event! For more information look this event up on Facebook Here is flier for event!
  8. TDHJSilver06

    V6 headers? V6 throttle body?

    Has anyone installed headers on their car? Any opinions on install, sound, performance? Was looking at BBK shorty headers. Also going to install the PYPES true dual exhaust sitting in the garage. Also looked at throttle bodies and spacers. Anyone have recommendations? Was looking at BBK...
  9. TDHJSilver06


    How many members on here have joined this group on Facebook? Mustang 6 Association M6A
  10. TDHJSilver06

    V6 to GT fitment?

    Does anyone really know what parts do and don't swap between a V6 and a GT? If we could start a thread and make it a " Sticky " that would be great. I know for a fact that the trunk lids are the same but the wire harness inside is different, the GT had an extra plug. Not sure what it goes to but...
  11. TDHJSilver06

    The Windmill Farm and Craft Market Car Show

    Look here for info and flier for registration; The Windmill Farm & Craft Market Was a great ride out last year and a nice show. You can walk through the market, eat, and enjoy the day.
  12. TDHJSilver06

    Ellicottville Rock and Roll Weekend car show

    This one fills up the streets of Ellicottville. This is a nice event and nice ride in the southern tier of NY. Registration is limited for this show! We had a nice turnout for this last year. Here is a link to get to main page for Ellicottville ...
  13. TDHJSilver06

    St Gabriel's HNS ANNUAL CAR SHOW

    This Friday is St Gabriel's 7th annual cruise night. Plenty of parking and door prizes. If you are not pre registered, it is $5.00 at the door and you will receive $3.00 in food and beverage tickets. Food and beverage will be available along with a fried balogna and onion special.Cruise from 5...
  14. TDHJSilver06

    CDC V6 chin spoiler

    This spoiler looks great on the car and the bugs clean off of it fairly easy. I installed the spoiler with stainless 1/4-20 bolts and nuts instead of the plastic push pins supplied with it. Was afraid if it ever bottomed out up front it would get ripped off. Install was simple just laying on the...
  15. TDHJSilver06

    2005-2009 shifter handle and boot retainer

    Stock shifter handle from my 2006 Mustang. Also have brand new shift boot retainer from American Muscle. Asking $40 for shifter and $20 for retainer. Message me if interested.
  16. TDHJSilver06

    2005-2009 deck lid spoiler

    Removed from 2007 GT. Don't need this one anymore. Asking $100. Also GT emblem from deck lid $40. Message me if interested.
  17. TDHJSilver06

    2006 v6 Mustang brakes

    All gone! Sorry.
  18. TDHJSilver06

    looking at classic 60's mustangs

    Hello all, just wondering how many issues might pop-up when looking at the 289 engined Mustangs? The new gas with ethanol worries me. Don't want to get into trouble with fuel lines or any other plastic parts not made to hold up to ethanol. Any thoughts would be welcome.
  19. TDHJSilver06

    WTB 2006 front seats

    Looking to replace front seats on my 2006. Looking to just swap out 2005-2009 seats so I don't have to play with wiring.let me know what you may have.
  20. TDHJSilver06

    Power stop drilled/slotted rotors & ceramic pads

    Just order from Amazon and will be in stalled over winter. Front set will be done first then ordering rears around New Years so then Ready for spring. Question is has anyone else ordered or used these pads & rotors before? Only a few reviews from amazon. Having almost 47,000 miles on the...