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  1. ford20

    Exolution Performances 900HP 2015

    Evolution Performance takes their stock 2015 Mustang GT M6 and throws a Vortec VJ Trim supercharger on it and takes it to town! With their new VJ Kit consisting of a V-7 JT Vortech Supercharger Kit, Injector Dynamics ID1000 Fuel Injectors, TiAL Sport Q 50mm BOV, Evolution Air-To-Water...
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    Out of the ashes, a Phoenix is born (Boss 302 teardown and rebuild)

    I just want to say that this will probably be a slow teardown and build as I work on the weekends as well and have maybe an hour a day to devote to tearing this down, plus I have to wait to gather funds for the build since this happened at an inopportune time (not that there is ever a great time...
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    Livernois runs 12.1 @112MPH in a .....

    ECOBOOST MUSTANG!!!! Mod list for this run is: 17" Skinnys 17" Hoosier Strett Slicks Livernois Tune Below is a video of a previous run that they did with a tune and drag radials. 2015 Mustang EcoBoost Tuned!! - YouTube I know I have said it before and it looks like I was...
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    Some info on the 2015 5.0 Mid Lock Cam Phaser

    I found this and thought y'all might enjoy it if you are interested in how the new phosphor works or just a basic understanding of VVT BorgWarner Variable Cam Timing (Mid Position Lock) - YouTube
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    Conan O'Brian, Ice Cube and Kevin Heart going to get some weed

    Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, and Conan Share A Lyft Car - YouTube
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    Ford Mustang, 50 years young celebration

    Next year the Ford Mustang will be turning the big 5 0, come celebrate half a decade of achievements, glorious wins, speed, power, and the Mustang brotherhood. The events schedule has not yet been posted but when more information is released this thread will be updated. Book your hotels now as...
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    Boces Car Show

    I saw this on the way home from work tonight.
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    1,000,000th Mustang Produced at Flat Rock

    The 1 Millionth Ford Mustang Built at the Flat Rock Assembly Rolls Off the Line - YouTube
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    Does anyone want a little Buzz?

    Giving Cops A Buzz! - PRANK - YouTube
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    Like A Boss

    Now that is how you shift an MT-82 :D Boss 302 vs G8 GT - YouTube Disclaimer: We do not condone street racing on NYM so please don't do it. Just showing a badass car is all.
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    Cars & Coffee

    Joe's Muscle Car Garage present's their Cars & Coffee event held every Sunday starting at 8 and going up until Noon. They will not be holding a show on Sunday March 31st in observance of Easter.
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    Etown Test & Tune Schedule

    Hello Everyone! The racing season is fast approaching and the cold has started to give way to warmer temperatures. Down Below is the Test & Tune schedule for E-town, please check below to make sure that the schedule hasn’t been changed for E-Town. April Wednesday, April 10th, 20135:00 PM -...
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    Redneck Engineering

    At it's finest mobmower2 - YouTube
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    CJ Intake Manifold Dyno Testing

    I found this little bit of information. Apparently this was done on a Boss 302S. The Mods are listed below and the only thing added between the baseline run and the final run was the IM, TB, and the 123 MAF housing. I do have to say, those are some pretty impressive gains over the...
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    Some Things Get Old fast

    First Watch this: Miami Heat Harlem Shake - Chris Bosh Edition - YouTube Then This: TIMBERWOLVES HARLEM SHAKE - YouTube
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    General Lee Vs. The Bandit

  17. ford20

    Lebanon Valley Dragway -2013 Schedule Test & Tune -

    Below is the Test & Tune Schedule for LVD. This one is fairly erratic but Test & Tune nights are almost every Saturday and Sunday and starting May 1st Wednesdays become a Test & Tune night. Before you go I would chack make sure that there is Test & Tune that night as some days they might cancel...
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    Bear Mountain Car Show - *2013 Ongoing Thread*

    Every Wednesday at the Bear Mountain Inn during the summer is one of the biggest car shows around. With 500+ cars regularly filling multiple fields and parking lots, New York Mustangs members have a strong weekly attendance. It's always a lot of fun with food, drinks and vendors on site. The...
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    New York Mustangs' Mustang Week 2013

    Well it is that time of the year again, spring is fast approaching and the snow is gradually starting to melt. As the cruising season approaches us, it is time to lay out plans for the biggest Mustang meet on the East Coast. This is Mustang Week, a whole week jam packed with Mustang events in...
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    Dukes of Hazzard Raptor Style

    Rednecks with Paychecks Ford Raptor jump - YouTube The Aftermath Ford Raptor jumps 90 feet! - YouTube All these videos really need is the narrator from Dukes of Hazzard to kick off the video right lol