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  1. iiiiiiijklmm

    F/S Stock V6 mustang rims/tires

    soooo I have a set of 4 Stock V6 mustang rims w/ tires on them all the same B/F Goodrich/ traction T/A, size 215/65 16R I have had them stored for like the past year and had only used them for a few months last year.... 300$ or make me an offer... Price is Neg Tires are in Syracuse
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    so i have a set of Roush window Louvers that i would like to put on my car... i have had them for like 2 years (friend got them for me) but i haven't ever had time to do them... pretty sure they are plastic... and black and i would like them the white gloss like ma car :) any body paint...
  3. iiiiiiijklmm

    BBK TB opinions :)

    So i recently had to get a new TB, so i figured why not go with the BBK one??? well it's on now, and i believe where the ??water pump?? connects to the old TB isn't needed anymore, and BBK gives you that little metal U-shaped piece to bypass it... my question is, what did some of you other...
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    2005 V6 mustang

    So i went to wendy's yesterday... car was running fine, and then i went to go start it up, and nothing... it sounded like the altenator...(that clicking sound when you turn the ignition) so i had a friend jump me, and it started... but we could hear what sounded like a small whine, and the...
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    Not new here but...

    I finally uploaded a couple pictures of my car... :) check em out lemme know what you think :awesomework:
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    Duralast Brake pads

    Anyone use the Duralast Brake pads?????? if so, how are they??? :)
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    WTB: V6 stang parts

    Looking for cheaper parts of the 05-09 V6 mustang... any body looking to sell somethin hit me up :awesomework:
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    New from Syracuse

    Hey there guys i'm gary and i drive a white 05 V6... :D i love my car... NY kinda sucks... so i'm looking into getting more with the whole mustang thing :D :awesomework: