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  1. 86GT

    Momo steering wheel install question

    I have a 1990 5.0 with air bags will the momo hub adapter go on with out a problem? I read somewhere that I would need to install a 86-89 steering column with out the air bags to be able to install the hub adapter Can someone on here that has installed a momo give me some guidance Thank...
  2. 86GT

    90 lx double din radio help

    Hey all I want to put in a double din in my 90 lx just want to know what size should it be? I saw some 6.1 inch and some 7 inch but don't know which one I can install Tia
  3. 86GT

    Larger power steering pulley

    Hey nym, Im looking to buy a larger power steering pully cant seem to find one does anyone know where i can get one? Thanks
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    Carb dyno tune

    Hey i got a freshly built 331 stroker with about 250 miles on it i want to know if it is safe to tune already or should i put some more miles on it before i try to get it tuned. And also do u guys do carb tunes? I got a demon 750 on the car now
  5. 86GT

    dyno and carb tune

    Hey, My car is almost done and im gonna need a Dyno run and a carb tune how much would it cost me? 331 Stroker Motor N/A Tko 600 5 speed tranny quickfuel 650 carb
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    Any one use CHP coast high performance?

    hey all, Im looking to get a short block from them CHP Street Fighter Short Block - Ford 331 Dome Top +9.0cc I just want to hear some feedback if anyone has used them before or knows of some one who has. I already got screwed by DSS on my previous short block so i wanna do some...
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    Pistons And Crank :confused:

    Hey NYM, I finally got my car in to the shop a few days ago and ripped open the motor and i need new pistons and crank. but idk where to start looking for them looked on summit and jegs and didnt c anything i liked so i would like to give a description of what im looking for and maybe...
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    "Mustang of the year"

    "Mustang of the year" LOL LOL just found this on YouTube and couldn't stop laughing thought id share it with NYM <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie"...
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    wtb Girdle and manual rack for fox body

    If anyone has a gridle or a manual rack please let me know i need them asap..
  10. 86GT

    road race suspension

    hey guys, Just wanted to know what u would recommend for a road race suspension. As of no i got competition engineering adj shocks and 90/10 struts and eibach lowering springs, front and rear sway bars. but still get a lot of body roll, and also steering wheel is really loose it feels like im...
  11. 86GT

    Carb Tune & Dyno

    Hey, Whats a Ballpark price to get my Carb Tuned and the car Dynoed?...
  12. 86GT

    2.3 to 5.0 swap

    hey i wanted to know my 4cyl has roll-up windows my 5.0 has power windows how can i swap the power windows on to the 4cyl w/o changing the doors??
  13. 86GT

    Harmonic balancer?

    for the past couple of months my car vibrates severly after about 3k rpm i changed the tranny but that was not the problem do you guys think it could be the harmonic balancer? would a bad harmonic balancer cause such sever vibration??
  14. 86GT

    Tremec 3650

    hey, NYM i wanna get a tremec 3650 for my 5.0..i want to know where i can find a bellhousing to make it fit or if it will even fit??
  15. 86GT

    tranny went bad???

    i got a stock t5 all of a sudden a couple of days ago every time i rev more then 3k the shifter n car vibrate... even in neutral.. with out moving and when i drive the shifter shakes so bad that i cant even hold it...what do u guys think it could be?
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    hey joe how much is it to dyno my car with maybe some carb tunning??
  17. 86GT

    WTB!!! Aluminum driveshaft

    looking for a aluminum driveshaft to fit a t5 with 8,8 rear
  18. 86GT

    car makes poping noise

    just converted my efi to carb and even b4 i did every time i give it a lil rpm it pops out of the intake...and gets even worse as it goes up....i thought it was the computer swaped the nothing checked injectors they are ok even after i swapped it out to carb same shyt...someone plz help...
  19. 86GT

    efi parts only 600 miles on them

    just went carb everything listed below has less then 600 miles on it.. Victor Jr EFI upper and lower intake paid close to 800...asking $650 Edelbrock 75 mm throttle body with matching spacer $100 holly fuel regulator $ 40 bbk cold air intake $60 ecu (speed density) $100 if u need pics or...
  20. 86GT

    Grounding the motor question

    Hey guys I just wanted a few pointers on how to properly ground the motor I was told to do it on the right head. But what do I ground it to?? Any Lil advice would help thx