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  1. taz

    79 mustang need cats?

    does a 79 mustang need cats to pass ny inspection? anyone know? the car was a 6 cylinder now its a 8
  2. taz

    fox body door window

    can you swap a power window, for a manual window? will the brackets line up?
  3. taz

    door panels

    what year are these door panels from a 79?
  4. taz

    clicking noise 79 stang

    ok yesterday my mustang started making a clicking noise, towards the front of the motor. check the head bolts,it wasnt that. so i took off the serptine belt and the noise stopped. now its either the alt, powersteering pump or the water pump. took the easy one off first lol had alternator tested...
  5. taz

    qa1 coilover kit

    hey guys im installing front qa1coilover kit on my 79 mustang do you need to install bump stops also? the car had no shocks so i cant use the old ones. if i do where to purchase them? i tried auto zone and napa no luck mustang.
  6. taz

    mustang heads recommendation

    im looking to get a set of aluminum heads. i got a 302 30 over, mild cam,4barrel carb. im not looking to break the bank moneys tight. its just a street crusier. anyone have any recommendation? first time purchasing heads, so i need some info thanks guys
  7. taz

    79 mustang door handle

    does any place sell that clip for the inside door arm rest? there 3 clips. i freakin lost the top clip that pushes in the door to mount the handle. if anyone know please let me know thanks
  8. taz

    c4 transmission

    i installed my c4 transmission, and im having a problem. when i put it any gear the car does nothing. the fluids full, new filter, im stuck anyone have an idea what i should look for? it makes no noise either
  9. taz

    79 got primed last weekend finally

  10. taz

    79 tailight wiring harness

    anyone know where i can get a tailight wiring harness for a 79 mustang new or used?i need 1 asap tks
  11. taz

    headers and h pipe

    brand new summit headers and h pipe for 79-93 mustang. bought them for my 79 but they wont work cause steerings in the way dont feel like bending a brand new pair of headers so sticking with shorties $100 each or both for $175
  12. taz

    stall converters

    looking to upgrade from factory stall conve. any recommendations for c4 tranny running about 350 hp. just for steert no racing
  13. taz


    will long tube headers fit on a 79 coup? cause i installl motor today with shorties and they just rub the steering shaft
  14. taz

    capri parts

    t'top doors with glass no interior panels,has mirrors.passager side just started to show rust do to the t-tops leak. hatch for sale also with wing no rust at all$200 for both doors $150 for hatch or bo
  15. taz


    will 86-93 doors fit on a 79 coup? i think only diff is the inside door handle and lock
  16. taz


    coil over shocks for front 79 mustang. dont feel like pay over $200 a shock lol let me know thanks. alos need right and left side doors and coup deck lid
  17. taz

    87-93 doors

    willl 87-93 doord fit on a 79 coup? only diff is moulding?
  18. taz

    wanted 79 coup parts

    just purchased a 79 coup, looking for parts. 2 dooors right and left, i need all interior black or gray dosent matter. seats also front and back,and a trunk lid. cash in hand email at tks
  19. taz

    wtb 79-93 mustang body

    im looking for just a body some rusts ok. email me at
  20. taz

    hi everyone

    hi alll new to the sites spring is here time to get then stangs out and smell some rubber