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  1. Hades

    Loud noise

    Hey guys so my 2009 v6 is making this loud noise somewhat like a clicking but not the kind you get when yoir low on oil. Taking a look around i see in my oil cap this thing that can be moved rubbing against my chain is this the issue ? And what is this ? Please ill take all educated guesses. I...
  2. Hades

    Help v6 owners unite

    Hey guys i own a 2000 v6 mustang convertible and strangely after driving over a brick today... my car started acting up i got a P0171 code and looked under the hood the only thing out of place that i could see would be whats in the photo. Its under the intake next to the exhaust manifold on the...
  3. Hades

    Pony Dont Sleep

    Hey everyone im new to this forum and the mustang lifestyle always wanted one and I finally bought it. Ive got a White 2000 3.8l V6 convertible Body was flawless till i dented it last night. (Also b4 you say it I know I Know should have got a GT )