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  1. bad86

    Paxton sn93 polished supercharger-86-92 mustang + xtra's

    This is an SN93 POLISHED supercharger. You do not have to punch a hole in your pan. The unit has it's own sump for oil. These units are extremely dependable and I have seen these units go 100K miles before a rebuild WITH PROPER MAINTENANCE. Here is a link to a Ford blog with reviews on his...
  2. bad86

    Vortech billet fuel management kit-new in the box!

    Brand new in the box......selling for $385.99 on Summit. I Will give away for $285.00. Vortech part number 4FA238-068 These Vortech standard fuel management units are designed for use on multi-point fuel injected engines. They are secondary fuel regulators that install in series with a stock...
  3. bad86

    T-REX Vortech 8F201-265 FUEL PUMP KIT

    This kit is brand new! Jegs and Summit sell the kit for $293.99 T-Rex Fuel Pump Assembly 1986-93 Ford Mustang 5.0L 50 GPH at 70 PSI Votrech Performance T-Rex Fuel Pumps & Fitting Kits Vortech T-Rex Fuel Pumps are designed to maintain a high-flow rate at elevated pressures (50 GPH at 70...
  4. bad86

    BRAND NEW sealed box MSD 6BTM

    If you are running a blower and don't want to mess with a laptop, this model is for you. The 6 BTM is ideal for engines with a turbo or supercharger. Not only will the engine benefit from MSD's full power CD sparks, but there is also an adjustable boost/timing retard circuit to prevent...
  5. bad86

    Free to any club member!!

    FREE!!!! To any club member that could use: 1) Stock drive shaft 2) Stock OEM set of (8) 19lb fuel injectors....pulled rom my car when it had 48K miles on it. I can ship you the insectors if you PAYPAL me 8 bucks for postage. If you could use the drive shaft you will have to come get it...
  6. bad86

    Free!! Stock 86 drive shaft!!

    FREE!! To any NYMC member.......I just installed an aluminum drive shaft in my 86. If you can use a perfectly good stock drive shaft, call me and come get it. Al (908) 219-6808
  7. bad86

    Free!! Free!! Free!! 1986 mustang conv. Seat covers-custom made!!

    Hello guys and girls.... I had these covers custom made for my car and used them for two seasons. They are in excellent shape with no stains, holes, rips or tears. Those of you that know my car know it is well taken care of. My car is a 1986 Mustang GT Conv with the stock SPORT bucket...
  8. bad86

    Please help me!! Please.....i'm an addict!!!

    Yes I admit it......women are into pocket books and shoes. I'm into wheels........I did it again!! I look at wheels and I get the sweats. These wheels are about 1500 miles old (this season). They are in BRAND NEW CONDITION the way they came out of the box. They are: American Racing Razor Chrome...
  9. bad86

    79-84 refurbished rear bumper cover

    This piece is very hard to find and this one is like brand new. I had it completely refurbished by a professional body shop. It is in primer and ready to paint the color of your car. I have had it for three years as a spare part for my car. I need the space in my garage more than the cover...
  10. bad86

    MSD problems

    OK......Very long story short. I have an MSD distributor, coil, tach adapter and 6AL box. All bought new. Each piece was replaced by MSD to eliminate the possibility of a faulty component. Car will run great sometimes for 50 miles, sometimes for 200 miles. It will without warning start to...
  11. bad86

    Hello kiddies.......

    Thanks for letting me join your club....I will make sure I attend some of your events.. Al bad86