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  1. 06LLGT

    Got a GoPro today and had some fun

    I bought myself a GoPro Hero today after I have been looking at em for the past couple months. I bought the suction cup mount also. You can't really hear the exhaust well for two reason being I had the fully enclosed back plate, and it's not that loud with GT500 axle back. Enjoy 4QA8uedchVI
  2. 06LLGT

    My Cobra is in Texas, so I found something else to photograph

    Well, I just got back to NY 3 weeks ago. And boy, does it sure feel good to have my Nikon and be behind the lens again after 6 months. My friend and I went to Beach Mill Trail a.k.a Gleasmans Falls Trail just outside of Lowville in Adirondack State Park this past weekend. I must say, NY...
  3. 06LLGT

    My NYC Trip Photos

    Here they are, enjoy. The rest of the set can be viewed here NYC Trip - a set on Flickr
  4. 06LLGT

    A taste of your state's history

    I'm back in New York. I went up to Alexandria Bay, which is literally across the river from Canada, with my g/f and I took her to see Boldt Castle that is on Heart Island that is part of The 1000 Islands Regions on the St. Lawrence River. I took about 500 pictures total. I've only edited these 4...
  5. 06LLGT

    My very 1st GIMP edited photo

    Downloaded GIMP last night and read up on some tutorials. I did this in about half an hour after I figured out the menu's on GIMP. Let me know what you think!
  6. 06LLGT

    Pictures from Show and Shine

    Went to my last car show before I leave for NY on Monday. Here are some pictures and the rest of the set can be viewed here First Annual ProSource Show and Shine - a set on Flickr Enjoy! I left the car show to go see my gf and go toobing one last time down the river and I...
  7. 06LLGT

    BAB Cobra, CW Cobra & Biff's Meet/Show

    Had a quick photoshoot with Barry, a member from LSS, today before we cruised over to Biff's of IH35. I was in kind of a hurry to take the pictures so we could leave and get a spot at Biff's, but I tried to get the best pictures I could. Kyle, with the black 5.0, meet up with us also when I was...
  8. 06LLGT

    Some pictures I took this week

    Took all these except the one with my dog this week. Straight off my D3000, unedited. I only did the black and white setting on iPhoto for the b&w's. Let me know what you think. For some reason the image code won't work with flickr photos :mad: Here's the link to the set Photography - a set on...
  9. 06LLGT

    First time out with my DSLR today

    Went out today around 5:30PM and starting taking some shots. These ones I feel are the best looking out of the 55 I took. I know the sky/horizon is a little blown out and some are over exposed, but they didn't look that bright on the camera LCD screen when I reviewed them, the histogram was also...
  10. 06LLGT

    LoneStarStangs' Feb 6th Cruise

    As I promised :D, here are the pictures I took during the cruise today. I really need to invest in a DSLR Nikon since I'm starting to enjoy taking pictures and love editing them :headbang: The weather was absolutely perfect today, mid 70's with a nice breeze and no clouds in sight! SN95's...
  11. 06LLGT

    While your cars are in the garage...

    I got the BAB cleaned up today, going on a nice cruise tomorrow with the Mustang club here. Enjoy :evil:
  12. 06LLGT

    My son and the BAB

    I'm glad he likes to go to car shows and help me work on the BAB. He will literally sit right in my lap sometimes just to watch, and he likes to stack the tools together lol. He'll be 3 years old on Feb 10th, I'll turn 21 on the 13th. Thought I'd show yall the nice Texas weather too :evil:
  13. 06LLGT

    Question about polishing

    The BAB's paint isn't is bad shape but it does need some work, mostly just removing swirls. I've been reading some write-ups and it seems that I could just use a nano polish since the swirls are not deep and not big. Now should I do this by hand or a orbital? Do I claybar before or after the...
  14. 06LLGT

    Some visual mods today

    Got a couple more things done today. I installed new chrome door lock pins, new pedals, super bright white LED's in the dash so it is blue now, and also cool blue LED's for the license plate lights. The lighting looks so much better now, I will do the HVAC lights as soon as I get my Kendwood...
  15. 06LLGT

    A gorgeous TX day to detail the BAB

    Cleaned her up today, waxed and cleaned the interior. Enjoy...
  16. 06LLGT

    1998 Cobra, BAB, Build Thread

    Figure I would start a build/progress thread. Picked the car up this past Tuesday, 07Dec10. Pictures of the car's condition when I picked it up can be seen in this thread, 08Dec10 pictures. Engine Specs 2003 Cobra Crank Forged Rotating Assembly and lowered compression, 8:1 P&P'd B heads and...
  17. 06LLGT

    Here she is!

    Likey? :headbang::evil:
  18. 06LLGT

    My new ink

    Got another tattoo last night. Its a 1970 Boss 302 Mustang, grabber blue with Mr.Gasser driving it. I got the idea from old drawings my dad would show me when I was younger. I can't remember the Artist's name off the top of my head but some of you older guys should know what/who I'm talking about.
  19. 06LLGT

    My "new" 1998 Kawasaki KX125

    Well I decided to buy a dirt bike so I can ride with some friends and found this baby, she was filthy when I picked her up but mechanically sound. I got it cleaned up, changed the tranny oil and drained the bad fuel. Anyone else here ride? Enjoy Night I picked her up All clean!
  20. 06LLGT

    Forza 3 drag racing tips?

    Does anyone know how to do a good lauch w/out spinning the tires through 1st gear? :confused: And why the hell do they start the E/T as soon as it says going instead of using the tree and recording R/T? :thumbsdown: