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  1. noclutch

    Torque Converter install

    PM me a price please. 06 GT 5R55s TCI converter
  2. noclutch

    MOMS Racing 2012 :D Lets go racing!
  3. noclutch

    Header install.

    Started the header and X pipe install. Car was on the jack stands for a while soaking the nuts and bolts for the disassembly most of which went fine (so far). Starting on the passenger side I pulled the battery and the battery box first then I loosened the clamps for the axle pipes and slid...
  4. noclutch

    Mustang On Mustang Racing 2011

    From the MOMs Site: New Rules for 2011 The Entry Level Classes: Street – slight changes (allowed to win sequential championships) Street Ltd – formally Drag Radial Limited- slight changes Street Extreme- See rule layout The Big Boy Classes: DOT- formerly Drag Radial N/A-no changes P/A:-no...
  5. noclutch

    Oklahoma Driver Arrested After Posting Speeding Videos On Youtube

    Becareful out there...... OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma City man was arrested Monday after posting videos of him speeding on the Kilpatrick Turnpike on Youtube. Troopers said Cody Replogle drove his Chevy Corvette at speeds in excess of 190 mph on the turnpike, then posted them on Youtube...
  6. noclutch

    Steeda Under Drive Pullies

    Easy to install if you have a impact wrench bolts like the crank bolt don't come out if you try a breaker bar. Don't notice anything different with the water flow or the other components affected. If you have yet to install them it is a simple task if you follow their instructions.
  7. noclutch

    Steeda Charge Motion Delete Plates

    Took just over an hour to install, gains were great for the investment. Needs Tune.
  8. noclutch

    Comp cams

    Install with no experience by myself took 9 hours (other things went in too)
  9. noclutch

    MOMs Racing Invite

    Hope to meet some new people and the reg gang. If you never raced before and were thinking of giving it a try I recommend this format. Last year was my first year with MOMs and my first racing experience as a participant and I had a blast and did quite well for a rookie. Get out there and...
  10. noclutch

    Is it just me?

    Or does waiting for parts and specialty tools suck... or does waiting to install them worse? Dang, I feel like a kid. :mechanic: I wanna play with my toys.... 1 part and 1 tool left to start....
  11. noclutch

    MOMs Invite

    Gate Opens 11 am Time Trials Noon-5 Bring what you got and it does not have to be a MUSTANG! I hope to see you there.
  12. noclutch

    HP/tq #'s On the 05+ v6 with a supercharger

    Anyone have them? Just wondering.
  13. noclutch

    Auto Question

    I don't know the milage needed for a fluid change but I have put many passes on this fluid and 23k miles, no problems so far but the question remains, anyone have problems yet or changed earlier than schedule?
  14. noclutch

    Not so new

    But to this site I am. Hello to all Mustang lovers and NY car nuts in general. I enjoy reading what others do and plan to do with their cars. There is such a vast spectrum of combinations we have with these cars and culture it must fun to get together here or at a restaurant, coffee joint...