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  1. Frankie Lap

    2018 Carlisle All Fords Nationals

    Hey all. If any of you are interested in hanging at this great show June 1-3, 2018, we will be there. A bunch of us from New York Mustangs who have registered under UNFORGIVEN CAR CLUB for the showfield. We are staying at the Park Inn Hotel in Hampden PA. For those of you who have been...
  2. Frankie Lap

    WTB 2008 GT500 Heat Exchanger

    Hey everyone, I am looking for a 2008 GT500 heat exchanger ASAP. If anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated. If it's local to Westchester, say 100 miles or so, I can pick it up. Thanks all.
  3. Frankie Lap

    Shiftmasters of Westchester

    Google Shiftmasters of Westchester for the flyer, this site won't let me do it. It will be a good show. Plenty of great bars in the area for lunch.
  4. Frankie Lap


    Thanks for the great work done to my car, as usual, it was excellent!!!! Thanks Gents!!!
  5. Frankie Lap

    Ahrc car show

    I just saw a post for this show in another thread, date was May 18. Last years show was great, I had a blast. I hate to bring this up, but is there a rain date for this show? The reason I ask is because I have to go see my nephew graduate from Siena College that same day, and I can't miss...
  6. Frankie Lap

    2007 Ford Expedition

    Hey everyone, I'm selling my Expy to downsize into an Explorer. Asking $22,500 2007 Ford Expedition White Sand Tri Coat Metallic 77,000 Miles K&N CAI (30,000 miles on it) Chrome Bull Bar (30,000 miles on it) Magna Flow Axle Back Exhaust (30,000 miles on it) Power Moon Roof Power 3rd Row Seats...
  7. Frankie Lap

    Belmont Race Track

    I don't know how to find or post this event, saw it listed in Elmo's got beef post. But Ford 20 and myself may be down to go, plus our LI brothers, is there any more interest in this?
  8. Frankie Lap

    Any Cruise for a Cause this Sept

    Don't know if I'm posting this in the correct place, but are we.going to have a cruise for a cure/cause or anything this year?
  9. Frankie Lap

    Hurricane Grill Car Show Tues

  10. Frankie Lap

    Gauges help

    I have a 06 GT with a Vortech V3 Si supercharger. I am looking into buying a SOS triple pillar pod. I want to know what you people think are the 3 most important gauges to get. I heard one is a mechanical boost gauge, but what about the other 2? Also, there are many brands of gauges, I...
  11. Frankie Lap

    Winter is here

    Time to get our cars into the shop!!!!
  12. Frankie Lap

    Escape for sale

    I am posting this car for my buddy, I have pics but I can't figure out how to put them on here. 2008 Ford Escape XLT Sage Cloth Interior CD Player AWD 4 Cylinder 25 MPG Combined 56,xxx Driver side power seat* Power Windows Aux Jack for IPod/MP3 Slit fold down rear seats Very clean Mostly...
  13. Frankie Lap


    Dan, I can't say thanks enough for all the guidance and time you spent helping me out with my car, I appreciate it and it came out awesome, very happy with it. And also thanks to Rob, you do great work. It's true what Ive heard.....RealSpeed is the best!!!!! Looking forward to getting more...
  14. Frankie Lap

    Opinion needed for wheels

    I have a 2006 Legend Lime GT, Im looking to change the wheels. I am torn between the chrome Foose Legend wheels and the machined 2010 GT 500 wheels in 18". I love both, just don't know if the chrome is too much for a green car? I tried to put up pics of the wheels, it was not happening, I...
  15. Frankie Lap

    Supercharger help needed

    Ok, I have a 2006 GT that is stock except for the exhaust. I'm not sure what exhaust it has, but it was changed by the first owner. So now I don't know one S/C from the next. I looked at the Roush M90 because Roush and Ford work together. Make sense...I don't know. I keep reading that the...
  16. Frankie Lap

    2006 washboard front suspension

    Took my 2006 GT back to the dealer saying that the front end felt like I was on a washboard road every time I hit a bump. He told me this was a problem for 05/06 in the front suspension. The problem was rectified in 2007. Now I don't know the technical terms...but... the parts they changed...
  17. Frankie Lap


    I have a 2006 Mustang GT with shaker 500 has no aux port for the Ipod wires, I want to keep the radio...I read the fm transmitters basically suck...what does everyone else do...if there is anything???
  18. Frankie Lap

    Cold air intake

    I have a 2006 gt, the only mod was the other owner changed the exhaust, I'm not sure what exhaust. Anyway...I have an 07 Expedition that I put on Magnaflow exhaust(which sounds awesome) then put in a K&N CAI, every once in a while the car seems to sputter a little under acceleration, so now...
  19. Frankie Lap

    2006 Lime Green

    This is my first Mustang.....and yes its Lime Green. I wasn't digging the color, but it only had 4200 miles on it. I just picked it up today....and the more I check it out, the more I like the color. I'm not good with computers so I don't have a pic up. Anyone know if I can load a pic from...