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  1. jaketuff

    TFS Track Heat 360 HP Kit HCI Install at Realspeed

    I had the '91 in for some much needed power upgrades. Rob, Dan and his Team installed a TFS HCI onto my stock bottom end. With a bbk maf, fuel pump, 24 lb'ers, and a dyno tune they squeezed over 300 HP out of her at the wheels on their conservative dyno. The car breathes like a beast and...
  2. jaketuff

    More power!

    Matt, What can we do for a Heads/Cam/Intake? Need more Power for the Season out of the Silver Stang! Thanks, Pat B
  3. jaketuff

    Silver Stang Stays at Realspeed another week...

    Left the Silver Stang in LI for the week... Rob is welding in Steeda Full Length SFC's. Also hood pins are going in... Can't wait to get the car back! OUT
  4. jaketuff

    Ohhhhh ho ho ho hooooh... DYNO RUN Hit the thread above to guess the results from my combo on the POLL... Will update at the end of the week! Thanks OUT
  5. jaketuff

    TKO Install going on... 91 GT

    Drove out to Realspeed yesterday. Found some pretty potent looking Newer Stangs there!!! Rob will be putting a TKO into my 1991 GT. Looking forward to the results! He is also baselining the car on the dyno... My guess for this stock 5 Liter at 150k miles with 70MM TB, CAI, no...
  6. jaketuff

    Stack Racing Throttle Body / Spacer

    Ordered up a Stack Racing TB from American Muscle early in the week and put her on for the track today. I got the 70MM for my basically stock 302. It makes a nice difference with throttle response and is MUCH larger over stock - got her on sale with the EGR Spacer. Good stuff... I'd recommend...
  7. jaketuff

    2013 V6 Stang

    Was in HI last week and drove a convertible stang round the countryside. Very impressed with the car. Not only did the car get great MPG, right around 30MPG, but the technology was outstanding. Really much much better quality car over the 90's, 00's Mustang product.
  8. jaketuff

    Weekend Computer Hacking (SCT Chip)

    Aaaaaah, remember when adding a chip was a wild expensive idea! I orderd an SCT Chip for the Silver Stang and installed her. Easy job, and afterwards with the BAMA Tune the SOTP Dyno says it was well worth the money!!! :rock: The chip beside the A9L Board... The switch attached and ready to...
  9. jaketuff

    Light Weight Wheels

    I am looking at the Bullitt Replica Wheels on the 'ol site and it looks like they are aluminum all through. These wheels in 17" should be reasonably light weight. I am thinking the Wheels are about 22-24lbs. Am I on or way off on this idea? Need to get some wheels for...
  10. jaketuff

    How to Reset the Airbag Module

    Aright. I have two Foxbody's. I cannot find - in either one - the Airbag Reset Connector. It is supposedly located behind the glovebox. I have looked in both my LX and GT and see no gray clip in any of the space behind the glovebox. Anybody find it hanging out somewhere else? It ain't...
  11. jaketuff

    Imports vs Domestics - Englishtown, NJ

    Anyone planning to go? Saturday!
  12. jaketuff

    Any Auto Cross Events?

    Does anyone have wind of upcoming auto-x events?
  13. jaketuff

    GT Sideskirts

    Has anyone managed to repair their sagging Sideskirts on a Fox GT? Thanks.
  14. jaketuff

    Interior Restoration (Continues) Weekend Work

    Decided to get on the interior door panels... replacing the speakers with new Pioneers, replacing the sagging map pockets, and finally cleaning and dying the door panelling. Old Speakers... look bad, but actually still seem to perform well. Replaced with some freshened 3-Way Speakers...
  15. jaketuff

    FS: (GI) 1992 Mustang LX HB - Twin Turbo

    I bought the car in 2002 and have owned it for the past years, adding LITTLE mileage. It was originally an automatic powertrain, and was not modified heavily when I bought it, it didn't even have subframe connectors, or an exhaust. It had 120k or so when I purchased and now has about 1000 miles...
  16. jaketuff

    Better Belts... What options?

    Looking to keep stock seats... What better seat belts can be hooked up to them. The stockers seem like they would be rubber bands in a crash, the type that just expand til they snap. Ideas???
  17. jaketuff

    Some light mods this weekend...

    Decided to do some work on the car since it can't be driven round in the salt snow mess outside... Started with re-doing the cluster with all LEDs... The LEDs are a ton Brighter and make the cluster actually viewable in the evening. I took Windex to the film on the cluster and that also...
  18. jaketuff

    Painting the Interior Sail Panels... Titanium 1991 GT

    All right, I pulled out the interior panels and I have been going over them with the SEM Multicolor Rattle Can - Ladera from LRS. It has layed on well, but it has a super tacky feel. I am going to clear over the Sail Panels, as it seems the SEM will rub and scratch to easily. I am also...