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  1. FoxRob

    Long Island Muscle Cars Spring Invitational

    Long Island Muscle Cars Spring Invitational Car Show When: Sunday, April 22 at 9 AM - 3 PM Where: Hooters of Farmingdale25 Smith St, Farmingdale, New York 11735 FB Event Page Proceeds from raffles benefit
  2. FoxRob

    Exhaust Opinions

    I'm wanting a different sound from my car, currently running Hedman full length headers, BBK H pipe and Flowtech Warlock cat back. Trying to decide between Pypes Pype Bomb cat back, Pypes Violator cat back, SLP Loud Mouths or I'm open to suggestions just NOTHING FROM FLOWMASTER or as I call...
  3. FoxRob

    Sayville Ford Mustang Show

    I didn't take many photos but had a great turn out. The white Saleen is my long time friend Angel's.
  4. FoxRob

    F/S E7TE Heads

    Just pulled a set of E7TE heads off my car no issues with them, just upgraded to aluminum heads. Asking 100 OBO Located in Port Jefferson Station, NY
  5. FoxRob

    Long Island Needs A Drag Strip Car Show

    Long Island Needs A Drag Strip has been granted permission to host their car show at Tanner Park again, last years show was a great event. Hopefully we can have a bunch of Mustangs make the show.
  6. FoxRob

    Sayville Ford Mustang Show

    Sunday September 17, 2017 Sayville Fords Annual Mustang Show.
  7. FoxRob

    Finally getting some upgrades to my Fox

    Been ordering parts like a mad man lately, the bad part is I got hurt and cannot work on my car...or I'm not supposed to work on my car. Yes my local UPS driver is a idiot luckily the bottom box didn't have anything that would break easily in it. New sneakers going up from a 275 50R 15 Radial...
  8. FoxRob

    Identifying Foxbody seats

    I need to figure out what year range my seats are from they were not original from the car I got them out of . They are high back sports seats with the small head rests and pull out knee supports not sure if they are 90-91 or 92-93 seats. I want to order new seat foams and covers for them as...
  9. FoxRob

    Clean up for LI Muscle Cars Show

    Spent the day a few weekends ago washing, clay baring, waxing and polishing my Fox for the LI Muscle Cars Show. Top two were busting my ass, the bottom one was the rewards and a photo my friend Pauly took f it.
  10. FoxRob

    WTB 9.5 Deck block

    In search of a 351 W 9.5 deck block or complete engine prefer a later model roller block. Trying to stay in the Long Island area but for the right price will travel further.
  11. FoxRob

    LI Needs A Drag Strip Meet "Please come show your support for L.I. Needs A Dragstrip, Saturday September 17th at Tanner Park in Copiague. We will have complete access to a large field that can fit at least 500 vehicles. The Long Island Family Festival will also be...
  12. FoxRob

    WTB 87-93 Hatch trim

    Looking for the rear glass trim for a 87-93 hatchback must be dent or ding free, I had 2 sets when the glass shop removed my window they messed up the trim and bent it in a few places the other was damaged by something falling on it after re painting it.
  13. FoxRob

    Making changes

    I'm redoing alot of things under my Fox's hood and one of the things I'm trying to do is find better sport to mount my NX solenoids for a cleaner install to go with the wiring tuck I've been working on. I'm not looking to hide them but just don"t want them in front of the passenger side strut...
  14. FoxRob

    LIMC Spring Invitational

    April 24, 2016 Long Island Muscle Cars Spring Invitational. 10am-4pm Hooters of Farmingdale. Address is 25 Smith St, Farmingdale, New York 11735 Event link on Facebook
  15. FoxRob

    WTB 91-93 Inner fender liners

    In search of inner fender liners for a 91-93 Fox.
  16. FoxRob

    F/S or Trade

    15" Turbine's in decent condition, the tires are shot. Prefer to trade for stock 4 lug 15" steel wheels. The trailer is NOT for sale so do not even ask.
  17. FoxRob

    F/S 87-93 Headlights

    Selling the headlights off my new project 89 Fox body. All lights in decent shape, they just need to be cleaned and polished which I will gladly do for who ever buys them. $50 for the set.
  18. FoxRob

    F/S Parting out 89 Hatch

    89 Fox LX hatch red interior up for sale, does not have front seats. Console even has working ashtray door.
  19. FoxRob

    My Fox getting some upgrades

    Some of you may remember a thread I had posted a while ago Well there has been some progress to my Fox since then Started to tear it apart in September hoping it wasn't too bad. Coming apart...
  20. FoxRob

    WTB Front clip for 91-93 Foxbody

    I need all structural parts forward of the strut towers for a 90-93 Foxbody. Also looking for fenders, inner fender liners, GT front bumper cover support and headlight mounting panel. 1 1/2-3" cowl hood or Cobra R no holes in it. Also consider a decent parts car if the price is right.