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  • T5 swap is complete. Practiced a bit the last two days, still need a lot more though. Replacing the rear upper control arms, upper axle bushings, and switching to 3.55 Gears. 4.10s makes first ridiculously short, can't even let the clutch out all the way before its over lol.. Oh and a neutral safety switch!
    Well it looks like I'm finally doing my dream mod.. My 95 GT has the infamous AODE, that I despise.. Going to be doing a full T5 conversion soon!! Probably getting a frpp aluminum d/s, steeda tri-ax shifter to go with the swap aswell. Should be fun learning stick with 4.10s hahah
    yo i dont really have to many pics i was looking for ones when they were off my car but i cant seem to find them the black american muscle wheels id be looking for 800 but the cobras i can let go for cheap both have basically new tires also cobra wheels id sell for 500 i need the cash for mods but if you seriously interested i can get you pics tomorrow
    Getting my new radiator installed tomorrow.. Wanted so badly to do it myself and save myself the labor but its too cold.. 4.10s, new bearings, 70mm tb, and J&M Street rear LCA's waiting to go in too... Planning a brake upgrade too.
    why do i have to go to class later and take a philosophy midterm....... when i can be home putting my stang back together!! lol. picked up my bumper, wing and mirrors. Installed the mirrors (painted body color) and they look awesome. Body shop knows my dad & did it for really cheap, $200. work came out pretty good, just need to be wetsanded thursday and its all good.
    body shop called, my parts are ready to be picked up. got all my lights situated, just tweaking one headlight and should be good to go. tomorrow can't come sooner! anyone going to the modells meet this wednesday in staten island (usually 20-25 cars)? i'm there every week.. and now a few of us started going to the meet in caesars bay in brooklyn
    dropped my front bumper to get painted, S281 wing, and mirrors to be color matched to the car last thursday. should be getting them back tomorrow or saturday. got my new foglights in. headlights and sidemarkers came.. need to modify my header panel for the new headlights to fit since they have projectors, DREMEL time haha. can't wait to get it all back together, 1 week without driving my baby =/
    Getting my front bumper, S281 wing painted aswell as having my mirrors color matched. I took the wing off, gonna remove the mirrors and front bumper to drop off for paint. My question is, would riding around without a front bumper and mirrors get me a ticket? Would only be for like 2-3 days riding around like that.
    Omg im an idiot. Was walking to my class and saw this really cute girl hop out of a red s197 vert. I must be shot today idk why I didn't say anything other than thanks when she held the door for me lol. Fail...
    So i was quoted $150 to put wrap around my starter since i had longtubes installed. Paid $30 for the wrap from latemodelresto, me and my dad banged it out in 30 mins. $150 saved...... Also put on autolite iridium plugs since i noticed i still had originals despite the fact that i thought the ngk iridiums i bought last year were in the car......
    Need help... My bbk o/r H can't be modified to fit my mac longtubes.. Was told to order a shorty midpipe, just ordered a bbk shorty offroad X.. This should fit the mac longtubes on my 95 5.0 right? If it has to be tweaked a little so be it. Im not shelling out $250 for a prochamber either
    Anyone know a ballpark price for what I should pay for longtubes to get installed on my 95 5.0? I also need my h pipe modified to fit the LT's. Shouldn't be more than $500 right?
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