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  • Ok got a new problem! About a month ago my speedometer was reading 20mph over whatever speed I was doing. Even with the car shut off & the keys out she was registering 20mph. Next day she was fine. This Sunday, coming back from a show at Dana Ford I had NO speedometer! Both times the RPM was working as well as the odometer. Just don't know what my speed is! BTW - it's working again! Any thoughts? FORD Dealership tells me I have to wait until it happens again!
    My 2005 Mustang won't pass inspection! All safety features passed, but the "computer" is saying, "NOT READY"! The dealership told me to drive the car - 1st they said 150 miles - still, "NOT READY", so they told me do more. 230 miles & still, 'NOT READY"! I've now done almost 1000 & my fingers are crossed it passes this week. If not - does anybody have any suggestions????
    Hi Chuck! I remember you! I had my son's rims done by them & they did a decent job. The cost was $100 per rim I believe (it was done about 2 years ago). I would give them a call & see what they can do for you.

    Hey Sydney, its Chuck Rivera, we met at the last OCMC meeting on this past Thursday evening. When I was on Facebook checking out the page I noticed a link for a guy who does rim restoration.(rimslikenew.com) Would you recommend him? My rims are a bit chewed up around the edges thanks to the previous owner taking it to a place where they put the wheel weights on the outside. Because of the Arizona beige color, replacing them is not an option. Cost per wheel? Thanks a lot, look forward to your reply.

    Chuck R.
    Hi - sorry I haven't been on lately! Lots going on with the end of our cruise season 10/30/10. Winner of the TV was Steve Edelstein of NJ. However, several of us don't want the season to end! So, we're still meeting. Last Saturday we met at Big Lots in Middletown & people brought goodies! This Saturday we're meeting at Toriello's in Goshen, NY at 1pm (if weather is good) with cars (or without). If weather is so-so we'll meet about 3pm (with or without cars). Either way we'll have pizza! So, if you're up for it - come on out!
    Hi Pat! How are you? Missed you Saturday night! Wore the bracelet! then Andy told me you have to work now! Sorry to hear that! We will miss you!
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