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  • I PM'd ya ...

    that's quite a bit of cars lmao!! and i'm sorry to hear about your dad... when did that happen???

    and umm well i am in the military!! :)
    he 30 and im 37..my wife and i are going to look at the new mustangs.if all goes well we will be picking it up friday.wish us luck....
    omgaaahh ....... pretty sure that's one of my dream cars......... would LOVE a 79 Chevelle..... gorgeous... and that's awesome though... i just have the V6 for now... lookin into a GT though :) and that's crazy he's good now though right???

    and the mountains are definately the best place to drive..... love the curves, and just the beauty of it
    66 chevelle,67 chevell,1970 monte carlo,66 caprice,1970 nova,57 chevy,all big block 4 speed.i lived in aurora and colorado springs for 2 years while my brother was at NJH hospital for asthma.i was 9-12 years old and still remember driving the rocky mountains.
    sorry it took so long... and that's pretty cool... what GM cars do ya own???
    (can't wait for the retirement) :D
    and i am actually in the Navy... station at a reserve center in Mattydale... :( not the best first duty station lol... and it's ok i guess... there's too much snow... and i'm from colorado lmao
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