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    Loud noise

    It looks like a shield or part of the tensioner came loose and moved to interfere with the chain. I really have no idea with the SOHC engines- Id agree with the above, have a shop diagnose it. They may be able to tell just looking at it like you did.
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    Capital region get together?

    Id be up for this! My mustangs been down for a while... first the trans (now fixed) and then a vacuum leak at the blower (Not fixed!). Plus distraction by a Jeep of my own. I miss seein all you guyses
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    Y-pipe for an 04 Mustang

    Where is it rotted out? Your best bet might be a local exhaust shop to make it work. The only pipes that work are made for a 99-04 V6. Aluminized will work for now, but is not as long lasting.
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    upgrading my 2004 mustang v6

    high 200's you can do with a stock longblock. Do full exhaust- longtube headers, and the catback. Skip shortys, they dont flow much better than the stock logs. Similarly, skip the throttle body, injectors, and CAI (unless you want the look). A good Vortech or Procharger are the easiest to...
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    upgrading my 2004 mustang v6

    What is your end goal? The stock internals will take 300rwhp safely. 350 is about the safe limit. The pistons/Rods are the parts you need. The factory crank has been proven to be good for over 800rwhp. For a cheap stroker upgrade, use a crank from a F150 4.2L. You may need to also use the...
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    weather stripping on my 04 v6 pony

    It will either be called Roof Rail or upper door/body seal. Bet bet is to find an ad with photos so you can comfirm- check
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    Help v6 owners unite

    What is your fix?
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    Help v6 owners unite

    Looks like a plug? Are you losing a lot of coolant? Any mixing of fluids?
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    Harbor House Cruise-In ... Starts Thursday MAY 11, 2017 *** UPDATED ***

    Re: Harbor House Cruise-In ... Starts Thursday MAY 14, 2015... Ill be there today
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    Supercharger kit and other gear

    Good list, but a lot is worthless. You dont need the flywheel- unless EVERY hundreth of a second matters to you, a stock replacement is fine. Same for the swaybars. Factory is fine, you dont need adjustable ones right now. The strut tower brace is the same as the ones that were offered from...
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    Wheel/tire suggestions

    305 is perfect on a 10" wheel. I like my 555R. If you dont do a ton of burnouts, youll get 6-8k out of them
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    Greetings from Schenectady

    Welcome! Roush?
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    Nice! I got mine for 100 a few years back. Pretty rare nowadays

    Nice! I got mine for 100 a few years back. Pretty rare nowadays
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    Picked up my new ride (GT350 content)

    Looking awesome, mike! Cant wait to see it out and aboot