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  • I just saw your post about your '68. A LOT of work had been done up to that time and looks like it was close to being road worthy. How has the progress been since then? It's been almost a year since your original post.

    I was looking at the rear quarters to get an idea of when it was built, but I see no rear side reflectors which helps. There were a few minor changes around 2-26-68 which included the type of rear reflector's design and elimination of the hood turn signals (they became an option). Looks like the quarter panel chrome ornamental piece and the reflectors were eliminated on your car during restoration, which many owners like to delete the chrome ornament for a smooth appearance.
    My current Mustang is also a '68 hardtop with a 289, but I also had restored another '68 (which had the 200 engine) which I sold about a year after I purchased my current Mustang because I really didn't have the garage space.
    I don't visit this website often so If you want to reply please do so at dwsimmons@optonline.net.
    I am located in Hyde Park just above Poughkeepsie.

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