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  • damn...that ls1 will be a animal with a turbo powering it!!! Cant wait to see it!!:headbang:
    sold some parts so looking for truck manifolds to mount backwards for the turbo setup.5.3 or 6.0 gm truck
    ha nope nothing yet....I decided against the headers just for the reason Im really not trying to sacrifice my sound for the little power I would get.....Think IM just gonna start saving for a blower, or atleast try lol

    Hows your coming????
    p.s. having a couple people over tmmrw nite for bonfire,drinks and apps, will start at 3:30 since it gets dark at 4:45 now. kids , friends wifes all welcome.
    my 5 year wedding anniversary today, dinner and drinks in saratoga. whats new anything good? weather looks good for middle of next week for end of season cruising. yours still on the road?
    That's awesome! i know about the money thing, can only modify so fast!You on facebook? it would be easier to chat,plus i'm always posting car stuff there. friend william laisdell if you are. ttyl
    Hey Ray what's up? i think i figured out a good deal of my inconsistentcy in the motor running smooth. i re-routed main coil wire from distributor so it doesn't touch speed density wire coming out of intake pipe. that and moving and re-routing some other wires made her run fast n furious today!! what do you think? ttys
    not the dark side lol....Well If I needed a engine swap I would want some MORE power too! So it does make sense!!!
    I was hoping to see you and Bill in the black fox line um up:evil:
    Hey Ray,had a great time yesterday,think i'm gonna pull motor and get everything sorted out for next season. stop by for some beers in the garage some time. i'll leave you my cell # 518-365-0691.
    ya i looked even more and fond a kit upper/lower/lowering springs /subfram connectors for $299.99
    i mite .what a ride i fond thos tubular upper and lower late model resto $150.00
    yup.felt good to open the car up today weeeeeeeeeeeee.eddie may succumb to the dark side:fire:
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