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    99 cobra compression issue

    99 cobra compression problem I recently had my 99 Cobras motor built with comp stage 2 blower cams stock heads put 2k miles on it and went for a dyno tune ... We could not tune the car because of a bad 02 reading long story short my tuner told me to perform a compression test driver side...
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    99-04 mustang stuff

    I got flow master cat back exhaust for irs cobra Bbk o/r h pipe for longtube headers tokico illumina shocks and struts for solid axle missing hardware bolts Stock 99 cobra tb Make and offer just looking to make space in the garage
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    few pics from atco raceway

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    fuel problem

    i start the car everything is fine and randomly it will die on me while idling not all the time though i try to start her up again and it throws two codes p1233 fuel pump driver module disabled and p0190 fuel rail pressure s (frp-a) ck t i go into my truck disconnect the harness from the...
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    Rear control arm axle bolt size???

    Any one know the bolt sizes for 1999-2004 gt solid axle lower control arm bolts where it bolts in to the axle??? Installing after market lower control arms got one side done but the other sides bolt is seized to the bushing have no choice but to cut it of If anyone know the size it would be...
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    1982 GT For Sale

    Can you drop the price a bit I have a friend that would love to have his first mustang
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    WTT My Mach 3" catback solid axle for borla stingers

    Want to trade my Mach 3" solid axle exhaust for borla stinger solid axle exhaust let me know
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    COMPLETE 04 GT 40th PART OUT!!!!!

    do you have the cowl vent grill?
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    parting out 97 gt

    lmao now i think people do it intentionaly
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    Bear Mountain Car Show 2012 - Ongoing Thread

    got out of work pate how long do you guys stay at the show soo next time i know
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    parting out 97 gt

    Wtf people do u not read :smash: this thread is like 4 years old
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    Bear Mountain Car Show 2012 - Ongoing Thread

    I want to go tomorrow I'll most likely go
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    bbk shorty h pipe

    Yes I still have it
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    LVD - Test & Tune / Swapmeet

    Re: LVD I'm in..... who is going sunday from nassau a cruise out there ? Ill line up against you rob I have no problems getting spanked lol