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  • im sorry for your loss,keep your chin up you will be fine.im looking foward to meeting you in the near future,maybe there will some kind of function we can both go to before i return to florida. its great to see my family,but i hate ny. bad roads and bad weather.
    yeah its been a very bad week for me. its been crazy @ work and i had a death in the family. but im hanging in there. i be ok, its gonna take some time. thanks for asking irving.
    may not be able to make it cause the wife wants to do a few things and she needs me to go with her.
    whats up Irv, i had went to visit my dad then took care of things that needed to be done. hows your weekend going?
    a nice few things like a good year low profile jack,battery booster,two big projector lights to work under the car,oil and filter. everything was on sale with all mail in rebates.
    hi everyone, Im thinking about new tires, I WOULD LIKE a wider tire on my 07 gt, I have 18in fanblade wheels and I dont know what size tires will fit. please help me.
    na dude im not a member no where else.sorry.thanks for asking tho. hows was your day?
    irv, never been to that car show. well for nym its mostly dead until spring. the only thing is were working on something for the holiday.
    irv thats sucks that u had to sell your vet, i would never sell my car for anyone. i told my wife to be and she is ok with that. i took a pic on my cell but its not that clear with the pic. i would have to take another one on the weekend with my camera. sorry dude. hows things with you?
    cant do that here in new york state. they required two, if i get caught with only one i will get pulled over and get a big fine.not so cool.
    Its a shame you have to drill into your front bumber to mount plate,have you ever considered only putting on your rear plate? Lucky for me florida only requires one plate in the rear.
    its says my name on the site "BKPONY" . so you and everyone knows who i am lol.
    go into my profile and on the bottom right is the album and click the pic of the album.
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