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  • i love it..its hers though..i have a 85 w 14k original miles,a 85 w 8k original miles and a 08 w 2k miles all supercharged..she traded in her 02 saleen and 05 gt
    Thanks! I plan to have lots of fun! You're not to far away so maybe I'll see you on some cruises or something!
    yes hes good now.grew out of it by the time he was 10,hes 30 now.my girlfriend is from aurora also,small world.
    been in syracuse all my life.its not bad.ive had a bunch of mustangs but mainly into classic gm cars.i have a bunch i have restored and put away(retirement fund,lol)i drive tow truck 24/7 so i depend on the winter months.what do you do and do you like it here?
    yeah that's my interior... it was a custom job by the original owner. the louvers were my addition. also planning on a cold air intake and a new exhaust system in the next couple months.
    Yes they only run on Sundays. Stock or bolt-ons are fine. If you are fast than 14 seconds you will need a snell rated helmet. If you are running n2o you will need a fire jacket and a proper vent for the bottle. You can check out their website and forums here: ESTA Safety Park Dragstrip Homepage
    Its a good time. Its actually only about 1 minute from my house but I do not have the time to go that much. I usually just go to test & tunes to have a little fun.
    sorry i didnt get back to ya. i forgot this place had that messanger thing. but my 07 isnt a shelby cobra, its a gt with lots and lots and lots of mods
    No, I'll probably be going on Friday to the Glen and going to the show on Saturday if things right. Everyone who is going to the Glen on Friday will be meeting up at Mac's Diner I believe.
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