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  • hey lemme know if you guys would ever like to meet up and grab a bite to eat or something... would be great to meet ya :)
    Hi! I was referred by Gary Groves who spotted my electric green 2001 Mustang in the Fayetteville Target parking lot. Need help and advice. Little and big scratches have appeared over time on my car and even though I store it for the winter, would like to keep it looking as nice as possible. I don't even take it to the automatic car wash, trying to save the paint. The detailing is getting less detailed and would like to re-sharpen it. If I didn't have to spend a lot on a paint job and could just fix it up a mar at a time, that would be good. Unemplyed at the moment. If you could help, email me pls. I go to the nationals every year too.
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