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  • What's going on? Have you started or had your car out yet? Man I'm getting anxious. Got JLT CAI, hood struts, and I'm slowly putting together the right pulleys....but before pulleys I need to do subframes and IRS brace. Talk to you later.
    I'm going with E85 next year, I should be pushing the 650-700rwhp mark!
    I'm taking the car to the Nationals on Sunday. For $35 you can show off your 1981 and newer. On site registration from 7-11am. I'll be at the Bella Domani on Taft Rd tonight around 5pm
    Whats up man.....any plans for cruises while the nationals are in town....let me know I'll try and meet up with you.
    I have done almost everything you have had done to it except for some of the suspension mods. I'm running 18lbs boost myself. I can pull 22lbs with a smaller pulley but I need race fuel to do that. But at 18lbs of boost you still made over 600 rwhp ? Mustang Magic did my dyno runs and that's all he said he could get me??

    Fuel Delivery
    -FRPP 80# Injectors
    -Converted to a Return Fuel System
    -Fore Fuel Rails
    -Fragola Pushlock Fuel Lines
    - -8AN Feed Line / -6AN Return Line
    -Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator with Gauge
    -Aeromotive Fuel Filter Housing with 40 micron steel mesh filter (Relocated behind front passenger wheel well for much easier access)
    -T-connection to easily drain tank for changing over fuels
    -Fore Dual Pump Return Fuel Hat
    -Dual GSS342 Walbro Fuel Pumps
    -Lethal Performance Wire and Relay Kit
    -Liberty 26-spline input shaft upgrade with proper shims
    -Spec 3+ Clutch
    -Spec Steel Flywheel
    -Replaced TOB and Pilot Bearing with FRPP during clutch change in 2009
    -LDC Freeplay Mod
    -MGW Short-throw Shifter
    -Hurst Shift Knob
    -McLeod Upgraded TOB Bearing Sleeve
    -Fiore Clutch Quadrant
    -Fiore Micro-Click Firewall Adjuster
    -Detroit TruTrac Differential
    -Billetflow IRS Brace
    -PSR Tubular K-member (Not cheap and one of the best Tubular K-members available)
    -Global West Full Length Subframe Connectors w/ Welded In Jacking Rails and Seat Brackets
    -Maximum Motorsports Caster/Camber Plates - Black
    -Full Coil Over Conversion
    -Revalved Maximum Motorsports Bilstein Struts
    -Revalved Maximum Motorsports Bilstein Shocks
    -Maximum Motorsports Front Coil Over Kit
    -Maximum Motorsports Rear Coil Over Kit
    -Hypercoil Front Coil Over Springs - 550 lb/in
    -Hypercoil Rear Coil Over Springs - 375 lb/in
    -Prothane IRS Sway Bar Bushings
    -Full Tilt Boogie Racing (ac427cobra) Complete IRS Bushing Kit
    -IRS UHMW Sub Frame Bushings
    -IRS Delrin Lower Control Arm Bushings w/ Grease Fittings
    -IRS Delrin Upper Control Arm Bushings w/ Grease Fittings
    -Front and Rear Delrin Differential Bushings
    -Adjustable Sway Bar End Links
    -FTBR Upgraded Rear Tie Rods and End Links
    -FTBR Rear Bumpsteer Kit
    -Billetflow IRS Mathis Brackets
    I bought the car with the current configuration. I know it was both dyno and street tuned. Here is the modification list:

    -SCT X3 Handheld Tuner
    -Tuned on the road for drivability and dyno tuned.
    -I run E85 full time - 22#'s 20deg - 11.8-11.9 AFR up top
    -There is a 93 tune with A LOT of timing pulled out of it, I have never ran the car at 22#'s on 93 and I never suggest anyone do this. The 93 tune was so I could switch over in case I was found myself without an E85 pump handy so I could get home. I have an additional pulley to reduce boost to 18#'s but do not have a belt for this.
    -Stock Internals
    -2.3 Whipple Gen 2 Rotors
    -3.0" Riechard Racing Polished Upper Pulley
    -4# WS6JJP Lower Pulley (Custom run of lower pulleys that utilize the factory cage)
    -3 Piece Billetflow Idler Set with Snub Idler - Black Anodized
    -Fourth Idler is from WS6JJP to accompany the enlarged lower pulley
    -JLT Ram Air Intake
    -SCT BA3000 MAF
    -Amsoil Blue Air Filter
    -Billetflow Single Blade Throttle Body - Black Anodized
    -Valve Covers Powdercoated - Crinkle Black
    -Ford GT Coil Covers
    -NGK TR7IX Iridium Spark Plugs - Gapped at .025
    -True Forged Intercooler Tank - Crinkle Black (Polished Cap)
    -True Forged Coolant Tank - Crinkle Black (Polished Cap)
    -AFCO Dual Pass Heat Exchanger
    -Reische 170 Degree T-Stat
    -LDC Cooling Mod (One that goes on the back of the block)
    -EGR Delete
    -New OEM Motorcraft Battery
    -New OEM Alternator
    -Gates Micro-V Belt
    -MRT Hood Sturts
    -Energy Suspension Poly Motor Mounts
    -MAC ceramic coated headers - 1 5/8" Primaries
    -Lethal Performance O/R x-pipe
    -Borla Stingers cat back (they've been polished)
    Hey 2man you may see me on sunny days from your house because I drive right by on the way to work. You can't miss those flowmasters of mine:0
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