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    American muscle show 2019

    Im going
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    AM 10th Annual Car Show

    I'm going but I never could quite understand why didn't they do the show in September
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    2018 Carlisle All Fords Nationals

    I'm going to the show but I usually register under the all black Mustangs show field
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving
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    2017 Cruise to the show

    Cruise to the Show | Nassau County's Annual Parade and Car Show - September 24-25, 2016 This year for Saturday show is modern muscle
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    2017 Musang Crash In My Yard

    It's funny I would have too. What's ironic about this is that I was at the Lucas Ford car show on Sunday and I was trying to price out to buy an Oxford white 2017 Mustang it's the strangest thing when you see someone crashed the car that you want to buy in front of your house.
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    2017 Musang Crash In My Yard

    There was a ton of damage to the left front wheel you could see the upper and lower control arms of in just ripped out. The police found the driver they arrested him and they towed the car to the impound.
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    2017 Musang Crash In My Yard

    this Happened Monday morning around 2am the car wrecked my fence in front of my house. the driver left the scene :nono:
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