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    F/S Roush axle back

    How loud would you say they are in comparison to let's say slp loudmoths. Im looking for something other than the stock exhaust that's not to loud but not super quiet either.
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    New Member For Nassau County

    I just realized something, the dealership put new tires on before giving the car to me because the originals were spent. I just looked to see that instead of the stock tires they put some general gmax tires on there instead. It was a nice surprise being we still have that winter thing going on.
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    New Member For Nassau County

    Well the wait is finally over :D , picked her up Monday night but had an early flight Tuesday. Just got back, so tonight is going to be my first night actually driving around per say ;).
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    New Member For Nassau County

    Well this is probably going to be the longest 2 days of my life haha. I am going to be picking her up on monday night. Hopefully I can post up some half way decent pictures then. :D
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    Preventative Maintenance

    None what so ever, totally dry. They at least changed the oil when they put the new tires and brakes on.
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    Preventative Maintenance

    Yea, the dealer was nice enough to let me go through the car while it was on a lift. From underneath everything looks better than I expected for that mileage.
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