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  • Hey man, I see you say you have the american muscle CAI, is it this one?
    Mustang GT Cold Air Intake at - Free Shipping!
    My poor car..first time letting a buddy drive any of my cars in probably 5yrs and now ive got a banged up car..
    Hey Criscone,
    Welcome to the site! Just saw your intro tread and wanted to tell you that your stang is looking awesome. I also have an 04' 40th anniversary, in silver. I like what you've done to it so far, and wanted to ask you about some of your mods since it sounds like our cars are pretty similar. I've got the Flowmaster 44's and American Muscle CAI, and wanted to ask your honest opinion about the tuner and underdrive pulleys that you have. Are they worth the money and did you notice significant power? I didn't do any upgrades last year and would like to see a little more from my stang because I think I've become a bit used to the power it already has, because I drive it everyday.
    Please let me know if the tuner and pulleys have given you a more aggressive stang, because for around the $500 combined for the two mods, I could be using it towards getting a new apartment, which I hope to do sometime this year.
    I grew up outside of Kingston, NY which is only an hour or so south of Troy, but moved to Queens 3 years ago for a job.
    Looking forward to hearing from you and maybe I will see you at a meet or event this Spring!

    Nice, good to hear you daily it like myself! As for mods, the pulleys do absolutely nothing by themselves. However when combined with all the other little mods (CAI,TB,PLENUM etc etc) it adds up. So i say if your going to do more minor boltons later than definetly get them, if not than dont waste the money. I think i spent over 200 bucks on my Steeda pulleys and the ONLY reason was due to i wanted 'black pulleys' over the polished BBK i had on there (BBK pulleys are for sale by the way..). As for tuner, its SO worth it! I run the 93 race tune daily. Plus free Bama tunes for life is nice. I say just save up for the tuner, and if you have disposable income later on then maybe get a set of used pulleys.
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